Saturday, June 21, 2008

I'm 21!

On Tuesday we celebrated my 21st birthday!

Luke made me pancakes!

Then we hiked to Goose Creek (Raging River) Falls

We arrived!

We got sandwich's from the local bakery, Evening Rise, for our picinic lunch. Turkey, with dijon mustard, sprouts, lettuce, and smoked gouda cheese! YUM!

The view of the medium ranked trail on the way back. Needless to say Jessica was quiet on the way back. I was too out of breath to talk!

After the hike Luke and I headed back to watch the Fresno State baseball team beat North Carolina. The game wasn't over before a group of us went out to dinner though. Luckily, the restaraunt had TV's and we got to see the win!

James (Luke's co-worker and Roomate) and Jessica

Shannon (Jessica's Roomate) and Michael (a friend from McCall)

Cody (Luke's Roomate from school, co-worker, and roomate in McCall) and Me!

Luke and Me!

It was a good day!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Snow. In June.

So Tuesday morning on my way to work, it was snowing. I thought this will stop right away it wont get worse. Well I was wrong.

The next morning, Wednesday, my car was covered. I think I cried,and then I got back into bed after calling Luke who came over and made pancakes. What a guy, coming to save the day!


We've been on a pancake spree lately. One day I had more fun than usual making my stack. So I took a picture.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

"Lawrence, we're going to need considerably bigger buns."

Last night I watched Calendar Girl's with Shannnon and Katie (Katy, I cant remember off the top of my head, most sincere apologies.) and Katie and I worked on our recently (within the last week, thank you Lynda) acquired knitting skills. The movie was awesome! We also thought it was quite fitting that we were knitting while watching the movie as one of the calendar girls was covered by her knittng! :) We only got made fun of a little at the irony.Here we are! I've graduated from a little hat to a sweater that I have restarted no fewer than 3 times to date. Katie is working on a little pumpkin hat! (I'm holding the Calendar Girls DVD to document through photos.)

On a side note, I thought I'd fill you in on what Luke is up to. Here he is...sitting, and listening to his MP3 lectures for his online summer school class!
He finally smiled!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Aha! I have found a niche!

With all this gloomy weather I declared that I needed an indoor project. I headed to the cool yarn shop I had found called Keep Me in Stitches. On Tuesday afternoon Lynda taught me to knit and today I began knitting my first hat! Its great, I got to sit around the table with the "regulars" and work on my project, while they worked on theres! They're definately kindred spirits and I think I might be found hanging out there on more than one occasion.

Can you see all the fabulous yarns in the background? Some of them are hand dyed! How cool is that! I think Im going to learn a lot! (And have fun doing it!)

Late Pictures/Post

Sooo I have been complaining a lot about the gloomy weather thats supposed to continue through the week but as I was loading my pictures onto the computer I was reminded of the two days of fabulous weather we actually did have. Here it is:

Cody, Shannon, Luke and I took a walk "to town" this was the view of the mountains on the way.

The snow was melting fast that day!

The river was high since the snow was melting so fast!

I let Luke take the picture this time, hence the downward angle. :)

When we drove away from the lake the snow quantities got greater. Luke decided snowballs would be fun. Lucky for him...he "missed."

Shorts! Sandals! Tank top! Sigh...someday right?