Monday, February 25, 2008

The Haircut

So Luke decided that his hair was impeding his ability to play sports at the rec center and requested a haircut stating that A.) His hair is hard to mess up and B.) He's going home soon for spring break and it can be fixed then. Soooooo out came the scissors spray bottle and comb and we went to work.

Luke has no eyes!

Jenny preferred the emo side sweep.

"Are you sure you want me to do this!?"

Everyone had a hand in this adventure!

Well... he can see now...

Lionel Hampton International Jazz Festival

For Christmas Luke got tickets for the sold out Lionel Hampton International Jazz Festival's big Saturday night show. Guess where they were...the fourth row! We went out to dinner first at La Casa Lopez and then headed to the Kibbie Dome for the concert.

All these people were sitting behind us! It was so cool!

...and after the concert we were so inspired by the music it just seemed fitting to play Guitar Hero.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Saving the world one bag at a time!

Jenny and I went grocery shopping the other day, and I took my own bags with me!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle

Yesterday I went with my environmental science class to the Moscow Recycling center. I learned some cool things there, was given new inspiration to recycle and was very reminded of the two most avid recyclers I know: Jamie and Emilie!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The three day weekend made it possible to get away! Luke and I left for Spokane on Saturday morning after getting breakfast bagels at Moscow Bagel. The bagels were really yummy and gave us energy to drive behind all the super super slow drivers on the two lane road to Spokane. We met up with my Aunt Grace and cousin Katie at the Riverfront Park Ice Skating Rink.

Go Luke go!

Katie takes to ice like a fish takes to water!

Cousins! The rink was having a Beach Party, which explains the Leis.

After we were done Ice Skating we all went back to Aunt Grace's house where we met up with Jenny, and Allie and played with all of Katie's toys.

Katie riding Butterschotch the mechanical horse, who scared the tiny pink mechanical poodle that Jenny was holding.

Luke,sitting in the tiny kids chair. What a picture.

Katie prefers to ride Butterscotch sidesaddle while wearing a cape and holding her sword.

Who knew Jenny was so good at performing the Super-woman stunt?

We (Luke) also helped break in Katie's Wii this weekend. We learned two new games: Dance, Dance, Revolution and High School Musical Sing-a-long. So much fun!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Vandal's Valentine's Victory

Valentines Day was a was a big one this year what with the all important CSUF vs U of I basketball game, Jenny's sister (my cousin) coming up to Idaho to visit, and RA duty that night.
We all(Kelsi, Cody, Jenny, Allie, Luke, and Me) went to "Bob's" (Wallace food court) for a romantic meal and then headed up to the game. I had to leave at half time for work and believe me I was shocked when they texted me the results. Fresno State lost in over time!

Us eating at "Bob's" before the game!

Luke in his UofI sweatshirt and me in my Fresno State sweatshirt!

Kelsi, who was wearing Red for Valentines day and didnt realise she was subliminally supporting Fresno state too, and Cody.

Allie and Jenny not getting together for the picture.

Resident Assistant Recruitment

On February 13th we had a RA recruitment night. I decorated our table with all kinds of hearts and stuff and my areas theme was "We <3 Eastside." Eastside is the area of the residence halls that I work in and these are the other RAs that I directly work with!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Wastewater Treatment

Yesterday on an Environmental Science field trip we went to Moscow's wastewater treatment plant. It was indeed an adventure. I now feel more educated about water, how much we consume and what we do to maintian our environment but really, there are certain phases I think I could have gone without actually seeing...and smelling.

Pulling paper and such out of the wastewater.

They keep the water moving so that the bacterias can get oxygen.

The Final Product.
Mmm doesnt that make you want to go drink a glass of water?

Warm-er Weather

After a long blast of super cold weather and lots and lots of snow the temperatures went up and we got...are you ready...RAIN! I never thought I’d appreciate rain but rain melts snow and ice accumulating on sidewalks sooo it’s a good thing. All this rain means not only that we can see the side walks again but there have also been sightings of grass! What a wonderful thing that grass is! And the sun! This morning I woke up and the sun was bright, and reflecting off the little snow that is left! And I think to myself...what a wonderful world.

Monday, February 4, 2008

A Whole 'Nother Snow Day?!?

Thursday night we were all sitting at the table eating our baked potatoes smothered in chilli, sour cream, butter, and sour cream when shouts of "No school tomorrow!" began coming from all over! We could hardly believe our ears, and just to make sure the good news was true jumped to double check on the school website! It was true! No school on Friday either! It was a four day weekend! What to do with all this fabulous time off?! Homework? Psh. Snow fort! Dig our cars out!

Here are some pictures of Daisy(my car) and No Name (Luke's car, he wont name it.)

Luke was such a gentleman and dug out our friend Laura's car and mine. I helped of course but really theres only so much to do when there's only one shovel and much now. I tried to stay out of range of the cast off snow and moved snow with the plastic bins we used to make bricks for the snow fort.

More Pictures to Come of the Fort! Why did I never realize that all of these fabulous things once can build with snow were not just found in fictional books like the Bobsey Twins, Baby-Sitters Club, and The Boxcar Children?

Friday, February 1, 2008

My First Snow Day!

Today was University of Idaho's first snow day in 40 years! (Or so they say.) No Classes! I got my February bulletin boards done, and Luke even found time for some liesurly reading. Here are some pictures to fill you in on what was most definately a productive day!

The Tower Parking Lot. Can You find my car?

It was still early. Apparently not everyone got the no school memo.
Let it snow let it snow let it long as it means no class! :)
The College of Natural Resources Residents got together to build snow forts. I cant wait to try!
I got to hang out inside. The entrance was little so the cold air didnt get in, but once inside it was quite roomy!
We settled for a snowman.
Its the digital age...and we got to cold to go collecting stuff.

Winter Fiesta!

Last Friday I got back in touch with my California roots and put together a program for the residents called "Winter Fiesta." We invited the Latin Club to come teach us to Salsa Dance and Jenny and Luke helped me put together a super yummy taco bar that had everything down to the quacamole! Yum! We had high hopes and ambitions to buy some other things like churros from the freezer section but apparently the population here in Moscow doesn't frequently purchase things like that. Sigh. We couldnt even buy a pinata from the party aisle. BUT we had a lot of fun anyway and the turn out was good!

Some of the people eating their food, the desks got stuck in classroom style. Can you tell I told a lot of the guys they didnt have to dance and they could just eat tacos if they wanted?

The buffet... theres Luke, looking pretty spiffy, and very interested in the food.

One of my dance partners after we rotated. Im not gonna lie, the height difference was a challange!

Our teachers were really good!

Jenny and Me, the happiest wall flowers in the room!

They ate it all! Time to clean up!

Wait, hold on, lemme change into my comfy shoes first!