Thursday, April 25, 2013

Skating By

My fear of cold and wind has had me hiding inside. My squishy regions have made their point that I need to get over that.

I decided to bribe myself with some new inline skates. They're an upgrade from the pair I got in 5th grade for not biting my fingernails for a month. (Thanks Dad!)
This pair has this cool knob that you turn to tighten and loosen laces. Makes getting the skates tight a "cinch!"
Anyway, I was out in the garage testing them out. They ride like a dream! I really want to take them to work, but I don't know how much time it will take. Maybe I'll take them with me and skate at lunch. Seriously excited!
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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Changing of the plate.

Plate has been obtained and changed.

My plate and license may say Kansas now, but lets be honest, I'll always be a California girl!
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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Cut the Card

I consider myself a California girl. Everywhere I've lived, I've kept my CA drivers license as I always had ties that let me still call CA my place of residence. Well we live in Kansas now, no question where we reside. So when I went to get my new drivers license they cut the card. (You know like cut the cord? Haha I'm funny I promise.)

I kid you not she just pulled out the scissors and cut the corner off and I yelped. Loudly.
Then I left with my paper temporary license.

Now say a little prayer I don't cry when I have to change my plates. Luke was going to pick them up this morning. He might have to change them when I'm not looking. Like a shot.
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Monday, April 22, 2013

A Little of Everything-golf, crochet, knit, french toast, dust and maybe SNOW

Finish it up Fridays are no longer in my life, as work has taken their place. On the bright side, now I get excited about wearing jeans on Fridays again!
Also on the bright side, I finished crocheting this girly blanket on Saturday!
I also went to Crafting at the Coffeehouse. In my very well coordinated outfit. Right down to my fingernails which are OPI's "Green-wich Village."
I'm working on a Lintilla scarf which is in the Hitchhiker Scarf Series on Ravelry. It's my goal to do all four scarves in the series of patterns written by Martina Behm.

Saturday and Sunday Luke and I hit some balls at the driving range.
 When he takes a shot at it, he looks all cool and professional. Like a golf pro or something. When I'm at the driving range, it's quite the scene.
 I put the ball on the tee all clumsy like. After 5 minutes, when I still cant get it to stay on the tee,
 I give in and really give it my full attention!
 7 minutes later I take a swing at the ball. 

 and miss it completely. 
 Well... only by a leeeeetle bit. 
 We've been lucky as our freak weather has only come during the week. Our weekends have been rather enjoyable. True to form the wind came in and picked up the dust turning our sky a nice grey brown.
Luke made me french toast in celebration of him taking his first day off in a couple weeks!

 Soooo good with butter and REAL maple syrup from Costco!
Lastly "they" have predicted snow for tomorrow. I'm wishing, and hoping, and praying get the drift. I'd love some moisture to keep the dust down. A snow day would be okay in my book too.

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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Big News!

I've got a job lined up for next year and I'll be teaching middle school science! I'm really excited and am very lucky to be working at a long term sub job in the same school/subject area!
The posts have been few and far between as I've been working, going to interviews and took some tests last weekend. Yep more tests. Good thing I know "the system" SO well that I've even figured that I can take small knitting that doesn't require a pattern to keep me busy as the Praxis testing (Colorado and Kansas) requires that you stay the whole allotted time.

I have reclaimed the sewing room (not that I have time to sew in it) and the children (as we now refer to the seedlings) are now being  put outside for natural sunlight and cooler temperatures. (The gentleman at the plant store said they were too warm, and that I needed to baby them less so they would stop being so gangly.)
 In the evenings they have their own big seedling space in the garage under their new big seedling plant light that has more colors in it or something gimmicky.
 Additionally, their older cousins the herbs seem to be doing well in their pinterest inspired teared herb garden. They have some foreign exchange students living with them, the green onions. I started them with root stubs after making dinner one night and they're doing amazingly well!
 In the yellow pot I just planted a section of oregano my friend Pat divided from her thriving oregano at home!
These tractors just showed up in our yard today. I think it means we're getting closer to a YARD!
There's lots going on out here and we thank all of you who have been keeping us in your prayers as we enjoy this adventure!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sunday Sum-Up

I finished my bottle painting project!

 I also got my diamond border on my Summer Sampler Quilt! Woooh! Now all that's left is the final outer border!

 I put my seedlings out to get some sun. I spaced the trays out so they wouldn't make any shadows on each other...and the dumb Kansas wind blew two of the trays over. I was sooo sad, and mad, and yeah. I spent the afternoon making cups for them out of catalog pages and so far we've only lost four zinnia seedlings.

On a bigger front, our house is CLEAN! Clutter is put away, beds are made, laundry is done, floors are swept, vacuumed and mopped. The freezer is once again stocked with lunches and breakfasts. The kitchen table is clear of residual mail, notes, and other clutter. It feels soooo good! I even dusted everything. Spring cleaning peeps!
This afternoon was spent at one of the community garden sites. One of the cool things about this garden is that the raised beds in the center are wheel chair accessible. My plot is going to be back just behind that white shed which I am utilizing as a wind block for my peas!

They need early planting, so I planted them today!

Lastly, sooo many thanks for all the pictures of the West Coast MCC sale that were posted and sent this weekend! They were like post cards from home! Seriously! (And especially after the seedling wind catastrophe!) I've put together SOME of them so you can see "the goodness!"

Official Zwieback consumption!

My friends and family!!!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Great Zwiebach Challenge!

Tomorrow marks the start of the West Coast MCC Sale in Fresno, and I will be missing it. This bag of frozen zwiebach is the closest I will get to it.

So, my social media friends, I make this request of you. Should you happen to be at the sale, please send me or tag a photo of you eating the dear zwiebach and fritters so that I will feel like I'm right there eating the goodness with you all. I can be texted, emailed, Facebook tagged, snail mailed, and Instagram tagged @JHNickodemus #zwiebachforjessie

For each photo of zwiebach being eaten of behalf of me we'll donate the price of the zwiebach to MCC! After the sale I'll put together a photo collage of the zwiebach consumption!

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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

WiP Wednesday 4/3

Wow, I can't believe it's Wednesday already! I've got a lot of "stuff" in the works!
 First is a bottle makeover ala Pinterest. For the original project see here!
 Luke is using parts from my dissembled Pallets to make me some mini raised beds for spinach and carrots.
 I started this quilt (Giant Star Quilt Tutorial by In Color Order), but it's on pause as I realized the white I was using was actually intended for my Summer Sampler and I better finish that one so I know how much white I have to allot to my giant star quilt!
 But before that, I had to fix this block that was just holding me up. The underneath fabric was showing through the triangles in the corner square. At first I thought I could handle it, but I think it was the subconscious reason I hadn't put the blocks together yet.
 So, the block got dismantled, fixed, and reassembled. 
 And now the blocks have been sashed and joined.
 Now I'm trying to do the math for the border (and the border to make the border fit properly.) Yaaaaay quilting math! (Students always wonder when they're actually going to use the math I teach them. "For when you decide to quilt" doesn't always carry a lot of weight with most of them. After doing our taxes (we live life on the edge and wait 'til the last minute) my brain votes to pick this project up in the morning.
 Grand Finale: We're working on finishing off these amazing scalloped potatoes!
I've been afraid of scalloped potatoes since '07 when I decided we would try to make them for the first time for a camp of 150 people. There are like three things wrong with that statement. Anyway, I re-attempted scalloped potatoes and they were AWE-some. The only reason finishing them is still a WIP is because we're both lactose intolerant and they have lots of CHEEEEEEEEEEEEEESE!

I'm linking up with Lee at Freshly Pieced and WiP Wednesday!

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Monday, April 1, 2013

A Different Kind of Weekend

Being married to a golf pro my Easter weekend looks a little different from ya'lls. They're busier days for Luke, so we take our time together after.
So while he was working, I started this quilt! I'm pretty proud of how my points are coming together!
 So proud I took pictures!
On Sunday I went to "the club" and took some pictures of the Easter egg hunt for Luke. This one cracks me up!
 Before and after taking pictures of the hunt, I sat on the back patios and did some crocheting! There was hardly any wind (practically a miracle) and the sun was shining bright! I was in heaven! 
When I was "done" soaking up some sun, I went home to start taking apart the pallets that were hanging out in our garage after our pallet collecting adventure back in January
Happy Easter! And Happy April! If only we didn't have snow in the weather predictions for tomorrow.