Thursday, February 26, 2015

Just a stick?

I was walking across the playground when I spied a fabulous straight stick! Not too bendy, not too knobby. Maybe because we just had one of our Harry Potter marathons, maybe because Becca  just got herself an Elder Wand from Harry Potter World. I couldn't let this stick pass. So, yes, I picked it up and brought it back into school. It did not get shoved into a bag. Oh, no. This special stick could break. And yes, I hauled it out to my car before the end of school so students would not inquire as to why I had myself a wand stick and they are not allowed to wield sticks as weapons.
One could say I'm immature and that I need to grow up. Me? I'm just glad for one moment, one afternoon, I was able to relive and recall the joy of finding "the perfect (at that moment) stick."

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Sad Day for Yarn

So I've picked Luke's Germany World Cup socks back up. The only knit item Luke has asked for. I began them two at a time toe up. I realized quickly that I would need an afterthought heel to keep the stripes in tact. I encountered a bit of a snag however when one of my skeins of yarn was separating every yard and a half or so. I was thoroughly dismayed. I put them down and did needless to say did not finish the socks in time for the World Cup. Well through meeting more knitters and doing extensive research I felt ready again. Only this time I'm playing go between on the two socks in a game of "Do I Have Enough Yarn." It's a wretched game. 
On one I've finished the foot, put in waste yarn for the heel, and completed three stripes of the cuff. 
I thought today that I'd hand wind the other ball to survey the damage, see if any of it could be salvaged. It cannot. 
I finally had to just bite the bullet and toss the whole lot into the trash. It was super wash so wouldn't have made felt spheres, and quite frankly made me sad to have it around. So now, I begin the quest to complete two Luke sized socks from one skein. And perform my first afterthought heel. Cross your fingers.