Monday, May 31, 2010

Jazzing Up the Breakfast Sandwich-For Dinner

We had our first dinner in our apartment yesterday. Spaghetti. Real original eh? Today's was a little more creative:
Garlic onion roll (left over from dinner at Aunt Polly's the day we got here) halved and grilled with a bit of bacon juice as we're both lactose intolerant (sometimes we cheat.) Scrabled/fried ish egg (first attempt was to be microwaved in silicone muffin sleeves but I over-did the time. Oven is a better bet but after the first one exploded I went the traditional pan route. Round two we'll go for perfect round egg McDonalds style, but baked in the oven.) Topped with some bacon and dabs of salsa juice. I prefer some ketchsup, but Luke doesnt like it so we didn't get any on our first trip to the store. Dont worry its on the list now. I made do with some dabs of the run off from the salsa. My brain thinks it's less spicy. Anyway. It was stinkin good. Stinkin because there was quite a bit of garlic in the roll.

And Just to Clear Things Up:
I wasn't blogging on my honeymoon...I had written a few posts back when I was packing my room based off of some ideas I had written on post-its and then let scatter around...I found them and figured blog now or forget forever. So I wrote the blogs and then scheduled one (maybe two) for while I'd be MIA so you (my bleaders) wouldnt forget I was on your blog roll.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Pondering Production: Allergies

"You know what's sort of surprising? Mohair comes from Angora goats and angora comes from rabbits. You know what else is surprising? How few non knitters find that interesting."
-Yarn Harlot

This cracks me up. And seriously, non knitters look at me like I'm nuts sitting there cracking up and the joke nobody else thinks is funny.
Oh well.

Anyway, its even funnier because I'm allergic to both. Sad day for me because both add such a delicious element to yarn. Sigh. Now I'm on the hunt for other goodies that I'm not allergic to. I included some cashmere in my wedding shrug. My eyes got itchy by the end of the day of working with them but that might also have been spring allergies.

Baby cotton=fantastic. I'm definitely not allergic to that. Sheep's wool=good to go. Alpaca=doesn't seem to bother me yet.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Big Reveal

Luke planned our honeymoon all by hisself, and was able to keep it a secret until we were on the way out the day after the wedding! (Freeway signs sort of started to give it away!) Can you tell where we went?
We're headed to Colorado Springs today! More details to come!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

One In Every Color -Cuisin-Art

This one was a store display at Sur La Table. I didn't want to push my luck and ask to re-arrange ALL the display items as well as take pictures. But yum. It prepares food AND looks good!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Pondering Production-Feet First

Heather Ordover, of the podcast Craft Lit talks about learning to knit in one of her first "casts." She reminisces how she jumped in feet first, paying no heed to anyone who told her she couldn't, and as a consequence she found that she could.

Every time I tried a new project in McCall, ID under the supervision of Lynda my instructor extraordinaire, she'd say "pretend it's going to work until it does."

The Yarn Harlot says to "charge straight out and start a knitting project that you think is too hard for you. It's good for the human soul to accept a challenge, and you know what? It's going to be easier than you think. All knitting is only knit and purl, and I bet you know how to do both of those. "

It's true. I never learn very much when I don't challenge myself. I just have to keep remembering, to keep going, feet first, paying no heed to anyone who says I cant, pretending to work until it does, and accepting a good challenge.

Here we go!

Ps. There's a clause to this challenge put out by the Yarn Harlot: If you are a VERY new knitter, still finding your way around, read the descriptions of the patterns you are considering really carefully. If you see the words "intriguing construction," put it back down. If you see the word "heirloom," put it down and then run: It's code for "This pattern is so difficult that you will consider death a relief."

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

11 Days...

until I'm married! I'm on my way to Moscow right now...well sort of. I left this evening after packing EVERYTHING. I keep telling Luke apoligeticly "I have a lot of stuff." 
Right now Im in Reno. It took three hours longer than it should have to get from Sacramento to Reno. Yay snow, bad snow drivers, TONS of trucks. Ive never seen so many trucks in my life! I've never felt so little in my bug! After such an adventurous section of the trip, I decided I needed a good nights rest. Im in a hotel with friendly germs, no smoking, and no casino attatched. Peaceful. Thank goodness for the AAA discount! As for the snow? Im over it. Its May. Lets have sun sun sun! Here's to good weather the rest of the way!

Monday, May 10, 2010

One In Every Color-Driving Fan Base

Im truly loving these things that people keep sharing! Today I got a message from Tracy:
After church on Wednesday, Daniel and his friend were organizing cars according to color. I ran in and said, "I have to take a picture!" Marcy was standing there waiting to see why I was taking a picture. I said, "for Jessica and Cindy." She said, "That's who I thought of and I was waiting to see what you were taking it for."

 Thanks for sharing this fun photo and for thinking of me Tracy and Marcy! Goes to show that even young kids  can appreciate sorting things and color! Give em props!
Ps. If you can coach them into a circle next time  bonus points!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Pondering Production: Holy Knit

The Yarn Harlot once asked a friend of hers who is "very active in her church if she thought it was appropriate to knit while sitting in the pews. She replied, 'I believe that my Maker made me the way He thinks I should be, and I'm a knitter.' To cover her bases, she uses this time to knit for charity."

Mom's cousin Bruce, a minister from Massachusetts, rang in his vote saying that if you making prayer shawls it wouldn't seem so bad.

While I have yet to knit in church, but seriously consider it on a regular basis, (so far I design quilts I'm going to make someday for the MCC brain works better when my hands are busy...) I'm excited that our Pastor James's sermons particularly those through November on the Sermon on the Mount will be available via Podcast <here.> This makes me especially happy because once we're married we'll be moving to Colorado Springs where Luke will be completing his seven month internship. (And now, no one will know if I'm knitting or not!)

Friday, May 7, 2010

Lazy Diet

For the first time ever laziness might actually keep my from getting...squishy? Out of shape?
The driver side window of my car wont roll up easily once rolled down. Every time I consider fast food I have to this worth the risk of not being able to get my window up? Usually no. Then I have to think, is this worth going IN to the restauraunt for? Usually no.

I'm getting my car fixed today. This theory will soon be over. Sad, but happy day.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

One in Every Color-To Paris and Back

We were going to get some pedicures after our girls rodeo night. We stopped for coffee for Jenny and Emilie (apparently they cant live without the stuff) and I saw this shop called Weekend in Paris right next to the Starbucks on Willow and Herndon (in Fresno.) Through the window I could see all of the brightly colored products they carried and had to peek in! Check it out! One In Every Color!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

One In Every Color-Buttoned Up!

So it seems I've now got you all clued in on my hunt for things that come in every color. I got this as a picture message from Dani <here> last week. What I especially like about this is how the colors are in order. It makes them look if only they had been on a cicular rack, and Dani had been standing on TOP of the rack to take the picture. Just kidding Dani! Thanks for the picture!