Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Off the Shelf

I've been on a reading kick lately, brought on by some assignments as well as Pati who has been recommending some good ones lately!
Just one more book to add to the Twilight goodness! It was fun reading this before the movie came out on DVD. Gave me a whole bunch more about the books to over think!

An amazing book to read if you're in education, business, or the business of "dealing with people." It's full of aha moments!
Read for one of my classes. My mom used to read it to her class when she taught 4th grade. I never wanted to read it. I confess it was fun to read her copy seeing all her highlighted vocab words and how she purposefully stopped reading right before something important was about to happen. 
I also read this one for one of my classes. I selected this book out of the three choices because it was part of Colorado history. It was fun recognizing places we'd been. It was funny because a lot of the river names and important people were street names I recognized. 
Recommended to me. Not really...okay not at all a feel good book. BUT its written so well I couldn't stop turning the pages. I don't recommend starting it at night or you'll have to stay up reading it. Start it early in the morning, and if you need to OMG at various points, text me...or Facebook me. I was definitely sending messages to Pati saying REALLY!?!
I googled this one after seeing it recommended in one of my text books.It looked interesting. It was. While reading it had a lot of thoughts like "how bizarre." At the end I realized that we, the readers, only knew as much as the main character throughout the book. As she learned more about life, the world and how people work her perspectives started to make mores sense. I liked how they parallel it to a poem she's learning in school and as her understanding of life grows, the poem she thought was so weird makes more sense.
I found this one when I was googling Feathers. It's by the same author. It's interesting because it lines up a young girl's friendship with the timeline of the last few years of Tupac's life (first time being shot and living, imprisonment, and death.) It also examines ideas of family and living situations of young people, and why Tupac's lyrics were found to be so relatable. 

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I'm Walkin' on Sunshine

Last Friday I went on a team building adventure with my credential program cohort. 
W'eve had some fantastic clusters of good weather days and it has been AMAZING!
On Saturday I was driving along and I looked up I saw my beautiful mountains in the distance. I say my mountains as opposed to the Colorado mountains that I don't quite feel at home in.
 Because of the Valley smog/fog this view is one to treasure. I used to think my mom was nuts when we'd be driving along and all of a sudden she'd exclaim "Look at the mountains!" Yah.... so what...they're mountains...
 I get it now Mom. I get it now.
 We also had individual clouds! Another rare sight to see in the Central Valley of Fresno! What do you think Grandma G?

Sunday, February 13, 2011

See that diamond border indent? That is my sweat and blood friends...okay maybe not sweat but I have pricked my finger a couple times. Hand stitches=labor of love.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Bowled Over

Val and I went bowling with the NFC young adult group after meeting at Red Robin for some bottomless fries ...some of the attendees left early which is why it does in fact look like a group of leaders in this picture. I got a strike and Val worked on rolling the ball in contrast to her generally preferred walk and drop of the ball. Our mentors TRIED to teach us skills...we're going to let them be the ones with mad skill and use our scores to make them look amazing.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Like the Toilet Paper Ladies

Val and I have been quilting, quilting, quilting. So many little stitches! On Saturday we had a quilting bee at our house. Lots of people came by, some to quilt and some to visit! It was just as good to have visitors as quilters because it kept us (Val and Me) quilting. Of course I didn't take any pictures because I was quilting. Sigh. I snagged this one of a friends blog. Here I am quilting with her little one. :) Making impressions on the future!