Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Finders Keepers

Or at least until you find these too! There have been some comments regarding Twilight party food and as I like to say: Sharing is caring! I'm going to let you in on some of the food "not so" secrets. I purchased the drinks in the pretty tall bottles from Cost Plus World Market. (Honestly, the cranberry juice was at the dollar store.)

I got this Raspberry soda along with its sister, Pomagranate soda on sale. They came with reccomendations from the employees. I really liked the pomagranate. The left over raspberry made for a better ice cream float though.

This Cranberry juice with bubbling spring water...well I liked the packaging, liked the color, and love the bottle. Unfortunately Im not the biggest cranberry fan. I prefer it mixed with grape or "something." It also doesnt have an extremely long life once opened. But if you like cranberry I say check it out!
I, in all my years of wisdom or lack there of, decided to not listen to the "Hostess with the Mostess" (designer of the drink labels) and figured why soak the bottles in water to take the label off if I have Goo Gone. Well that was pretty labor intensive. On the last two I finally thought, OK. Ill soak them. Well ladies (and gentlemen) the lables came right off. I felt like a sucker. So please, if you're removing labels, attempt a soak first!

The pasta was a suprising find! I had ducked in to Marshalls on a hunt for glass decorative containers. On my way out I saw they have a neat little food aisle. I checked it out for anything new in black and red and there on the bottom shelf were these pastas! I was going to have to hunt in Whole Foods for them and wasnt even sure they would be there! AND I got them for six dollars a package instead of $12! Score!

Last was the chips! The blue chips actually look very black so they were in and are once again found at Cost Plus World Market. The red chips were found on a stroll through Save Mart!

Pondering Production- Emergency Knitting

Emergency knitting (n): Knitting done to fill a sudden and unexpected period of time and prevent a knitter from going out of his or her mind with boredom. Example: "There was a huge queue at the bank, but I didn't mind, I had my emergency knitting with me."

This semester, I have classes that require less moving a round and group involvement and offer more sit in a seat and listen to lecture time. Ick. Sooo, to keep from putting my face in my hands and or biting my nails I have taken my knitting to class. I sit in the back and knit inconspicuously. I only had one teacher say anything and when I told her that it was to help with the anxiety and I showed her my notes she seemed fine with it. If she's not she hasn't said another word to me about it. Unfortunately, she remembers my name now. Oh well, not like we can have our cake and eat it too right? ;) Going along with this note, a while ago I went to see my eye doctor, Dr. Aaron W., and when he walked in he was shocked to see that I didn't have my knitting out while waiting for him. I assured him that I got plenty of knitting done in the waiting room and that it was waiting patiently in my purse. Am I that predictable?

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Team Twilight

You've seen the invitations, here's what they led to! At "twilight" fans of the book started showing up to Cindy's house (yes, it's Mark's house too but Cindy and I were co-hosts.) Cindy's house really was a great place to have the event because she has so much great black accenting which really set off the colors of the decorations. (See giant black clock!)

The book covers alone made great dramatic decorations! It was amazing how many red an black things came out of the woodwork once we started decorating!

The fabulous images I used in the frames came from the Hostess with the Mostess found <here>.Credit for the glass ideas goes to these inspirational people <here>.
I found some great drink options at Cost Plus World Market ranging from Pomegranate and Raspberry Soda, Soda Water with Cranberry, Cranberry Apple Juice and Sangria. Cindy found the coolest beer (that was non alcoholic) at Bev Mo. Apple Beer, see <here>.
We were in fact on a special diet of Red and Black foods. Some of the things on the menu:
Hot Tamales, Cherry Sours, Licorice BITES, Black (blue) and red corn chips with salsa and bean dip, cherry tomatoes with a Kalamata Olive spread, cherry tomatoes, chocolate covered strawberries and licorice, red velvet cake, red chips with a red pepper spread, Squid ink pasta and Chianti Wine pasta sauteed with sun dried tomatoes in olive oil and seasoning, and home made strawberry ice cream with dark chocolate pieces! MMMM so good!

We had a photo shoot with each guest and the famous apple. I was the guinea pig and we tried out different lighting. Cindy is such a good photographer to think of that! I think she did a great job capturing everyone so well.Sarah
read the Twilight books before me and was entertained by tortured looks while I had to get through work before I could read again!

She knit her shrug!
Ahh I love this photo! Its so cool! Great pose! Great outfit!

Isn't she so cute! She picked out a special Around the Glass Designs pendant that looks like it has blood spattered on it!

Jennifer and Nikki
These two read the first and second book together!

Jennifer and and my mom, Sue

Hmmm couldn't resist the apple.

got to come since the Wee Bee hasn't arrived yet.

She sparkled like vampires in the light!

Twilight Trivia Queen
Dia and Dani
Can I just say how glad I am to have this picture. ;)

Me n Mom

Dia, Me, and DaniSarah and Me

Tanya, Susan, and Christa


This dynamic duo got the most points in our book quotes competition. Prize to come! (When you least expect it!)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Fab Florals

This woman, Princess Laserton, knows her color therapy! I've been sitting here, not doing my work, going gaga over HER work! Its awesome!

She takes vintage buttons and felt and turns them into works of art! Bouquets like these are her specialty! Love them!
On her blog she shows how one bride sent her colors, and then she created the fabulous flowers below to insert into real flower bouquets.
These are some of the corsages she makes! There were too many great ones to show them all!

This is a one of the wrist corsages from my favorite color combination!
While "colorless" its stunning, and captivating, and did I mention I'm in love with Princess Lasertrons flowers?This bouquet is my grand prize winner! Love it! Cant get enough of it.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Around the block Design Etsy store that is! I'm so excited, because now when people ask me where they can get my signature glass necklace I can give them a URL so they can get one too!!! And guess what?!? The little dime sized baubles that I wear almost exclusively are named after me!!! Well actually they're categorized after me! How exciting is that! So, go! Check it out! There's more to come and I'll be sure to blog about that too!