Wednesday, July 2, 2014

McMinnville Day 2

Since Emilie is a new knitter, I was excited to expose her to as many yarn shops as possible. One of the shops in McMinnville is closing and we totally score some great goodies! I also taught her how to use an umbrella swift and ball winder. 
She's been such a quick study!
Then it was off to the Evergreen Aviation and Space Museums. 
I thought it appropriate to wear my Endeavor shirt. I thought it even more appropriate to take a picture with their cleverly disguised golf cart. 
I really need to sit down and watch the Planes movie. These little guys seemed right out of the set!
I guess they really only seemed little compared to the Sprice Goose. 
After a quick dinner stop we went back to Em's place for some R&R and knitting!
Emilie is developing some mad skillz! She is making fingerless mitts using the magic loop and has even tried out a practice cable! 

Portland. The Important Things.

On Monday Em and I took a short walking tour in Portland and caught three important landmarks. Voodoo Doughnuts and yarn shops. 

I so loved Dublin Bay Knitting Co. that I plum forgot to take pictures! It makes it in my top 10 shops. A quick stop for lunch,
then on to Knit Purl. 
also in my top 10! Portland is a seriously great place for knitting/knitters and foodies! 

Mac Town Day 1

Sunday morning we woke up bright and late and went to Community Plate for brunch. 
Meet Emilies breakfast sandwich below,
and my tasty breakfast burrito, fresh squeezed orange juice and side of yarn. I brought the yarn. 
We strolled through town and found Alpaca Naturally. The only yarn shop in McMinnville open on a Sunday. 

These yummy blue hydrangeas grow abundantly here. Remember when I was going to name my daughter Hydrangea? And Luke STILL married me. 
Us. Being grown ups. And using the BBQ. 
Every good thing starts with "I saw it on Pinterest. They...."
Coconut milk icecream anyone?
My lactose intolerance has been laying down the law lately. Good thing Em knows things!