Oh the Place's I've Lived

I'm starting to feel like I've lived a lot of places. Each time I move or get to a new place, I find myself comparing the current place to the past places. I make mental notes of likes and not so much's and realize its impossible to compare them directly. Each place has its own things going for it. Here are some of my notes. I've been contemplating the lists for the last month and adding to them as things come up. This list is a work in progress so don't be surprised to see some additions over time.

I'm inviting those of you who have a list like mine to Link Up! Share the places YOU'VE lived! What are your "Likes" and "Not So Muches"

Garden City, Kansas November 2012- Present
The People (so friendly, so helpful)
The cultural cornucopia (Hispanic, Vietnamese, Somalian, Old Mennonite)
Stitch in One
The Lack of Shopping causes me to be more thoughtful about purchases
It takes about 6 minutes to get anywhere
We have a house! (And a garage and a craft room.)
The school district recruits and hires every year.
Our new Pho restaurant.
My crafting network is growing.
Lots of private businesses, including a local coffee shop.
Teaching Jobs.
Crafting Buddies!

Not So Much
The water,It's taking us a lot of effort to make it normal.
Talk Radio
Two lane highways
Cow Poo
No Costco
Customer Service
Limited coffee shop hours (Closes at four on Saturday and closed on Sunday.)

Things I'm not so sure about:
There's a chance I could run into my doctor...anywhere
I get/have to garden for produce

Colorado Springs, Colorado May 2009-November 2012

Things I Liked
Being an hour and a half away from Denver(airport, museums, professional sports)
The mountain views
Sunny days
Monday Night Knitting at the Library
Afternoon rain
The Zoo
Proximity to Family
Being a librarian
So many yarn shops!! (Yarn along the Rockies)
So many quilt fabric shops!
I can easily take a walk or a hike from just about anywhere on multi leveled terrain

Not So Much
Horrible Drivers (or a horrible mix of drivers from all over the country)
That it can take over 30 min to get across town.

Things I'm Not So Sure About
Deer everywhere.

McCall, Idaho Summer 2008
Keep Me in Stitches, and the owner Lynda
Aspen Trees
A view of the lake from everywhere
Proximity to Boise
Ice Skating Rink
Its a vacation/resort town so there are lots of shops and cozy places to be

Not So Much
Cost of Living
sLOW speed limit

Not Sure About
All the shopping is in Boise, but its less than two hours away

Moscow Idaho School Year Fall 2007-Spring 2008
College Community, Lots of activities, High energy
Rolling hills of grain
This is where I met Luke
Fun Farmers market in the Summer/Fall
Great Potatoes and Onions
An hour and a half to Coeur d'Alene or Spokane (Costco, Airport)

Not So Much
Not a great feel for quilt or yarn shops

Not Sure About
How it would be to live there not in college.
Depending on which way the wind was blowing you could smell the pine mill or the animal poop.

Fresno, California  Most of My Life

Living close to family and friends
My church Family. I grew up there.
My quilting and knitting buddies.
The schools. They're familiar and I'm proud if them.
Teaching Mentors
Fruit. All of it.
So many great places to visit nearby.
A good Whole Foods.
Trader Joe's.
Sur La Table.
Taco Grande. Batter Up Pancakes.
Woodward Park, and all it's trails
Family with Dogs I can Borrow

Not So Much
Bad air days.
Gas prices.
Smelly white trees.

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