Saturday, August 29, 2009

One In Every Color- Colander

Like for spaghetti?My favorite are red...and green...and orange...and blue...okay I like purple too. They go with my fiestaware Except I would not put them in my cupboards. I would hang them on my red wall. They would stand out like art. I guess the red one wouldnt stand out. Hmmm it's a dilema. Red wall, red colander. Maybe I could hang the red one on a small section of dark blue wall? Dark blue like the cobalt fiesta dishes.Actually I could hang the red, green and orange in increasing sizes on a wall the color of the cobalt blue fiesta plates, and find something else interesting to hang on my red wall. Thanks for helping me hash that one out readers.
I think my father is going to have a heart attack when he hears about all the colors I want to paint my walls. He's a white wall sort of man.

Friday, August 28, 2009

It's Purse-onal

or maybe custom made by me would be a simple way to say it. Okay readers, you've been ratted out. I was at school and I found out I had an anonymous reader and today Cindy said someone emailed her about a purse they saw me carrying on my blog. I promise you can comment! I don't bite! How am I going to sell myself as a full fledged blogger if no one knows I have readers? Sigh. Some day. Anyway, about the purse.
I'd been admiring this Jessica Jones fabric for quite some time (Cindy really really likes Jessica's gotta be the name!) I wasn't really sold on the oranges and pinks though. I liked the prints, but could they really fit in to my life? I'm a blue, green, purple sorta gal. (If you couldn't tell by the shower curtain I helped...scratch that...picked out. I used my purse to pick out the towels. Anyway, then I found the fabric, and the free bag pattern. I made my order (jCaroline). Then I made my purse. (Free Pattern Here) And my laptop case (No pattern yet, no pictures as of now. I don't LOVE the laptop case, but it makes me happy, and its got enough laptop protection to serve as a pillow to. Kind of caused problems for the little featherweight sewing machine. Trying to figure out how to hid the botched up stitching.)
Making the purse went smoothly, and has simple directions that are fairly easy to follow. I was afraid of making the zipper pocket, even considered making it non was easy peasy. Don't be "scurred" you can do it!
Next up is a bag for all these crazy notebooks I'm carrying around for the credential program. I have a different coordinating fabric. Speaking of the credential program...I've been assigned to second grade for my initial student teaching. Pray for me.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Moscow Makeover

I went up to Moscow ID with Luke after "the sickness" because apparently the H1N1 virus and Cancer patients don't mix very well. (Well that or they mix too well) You get the point I was banished. Luke and his middle brother Mark and sharing an apartment this year and it was completely empty making it a fairly germ resistant haven. Mark drove up from Colorado with a jam packed pick up truck. Then he went back down to Payette ID for more stuff. He finished off his trips this last weekend with a trip to Portland OR for his grandpa's old desk. (Quite the road-tripper.) Here's his truck upon arrival.

Here's my car looking oh so cheerful between to grayish dismal cars in the parking lot. Couldn't resist taking a picture!Luke helped Mark unload before heading off to work.Yep even the cab was stuffed to the brim! I had also brought a car load of things (pots, pans, picture frames etc.) for furnishing the apartment. The frames might look familiar (think back to April with Twilight party and Red party) but this round they have some grayscale photos of them, their friends and family. The "N"s are vintage/1 new letters I've found around and about (cough etsy) and are their/my future last initial. They were metal/red/black and they both have the same last name so I thought it made for a kind of cool wall. Lamp was $10 at Wal-Mart, coffee tables were spray painted a flat black and a glass place cut four panes for me of the same tint in Moscow, I found a red futon cover on sale at Bed Bath and Beyond, You cant see them but on the coffee table are 2 hurricanes with red and clear stones, a vanilla candle and the base of the coffee table is filled with golf balls.

We painted the laminate wood TV stand and bookshelf black to match and hung up some of their sports equipment to give it a more masculine feel. The bookshelf is filled with all of Luke's DVD's in ABC order...I wanted to put them in order by color but that apparently makes them hard to find. The Foosball table gets put against the wall for TV movie watching as there is a black chair where I stood to take the picture.
Luke's bathroom was my other entertainment as I REALLY REALLY like it. The shower curtain is definitely staying when we get married. Did I mention I really like it?

The towels were on clearance at Wal-Mart as well. The Einstein poster is one I got him when we were first dating. I was kind of excited to hear he thought Einstein was cool. Anyway the bathroom needed something more. An art feature on the wall. I thought polka dot wall decals might be too feminine so while I was sitting in the doorway brainstorming I realised that a grey print would be perfect because it would pull out the grey in the shower curtain emphasizing a more masculine color. Then I remembered the print. Got a brushed metal frame 40% off at Michael's and we were in business.
Here's hoping it still looks okay in a couple weeks.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Disneyland...or at least an attempt?

Luke and I went to Disneyland just after I picked him up from the airport. I was super gung ho about going, but as soon as we got in line for the rafting ride in CA Adventure I felt really funny so we mellowed it down and took a couple train rides around the park. We met Luke's family just after the second time around at the entrance. That night we met Matt and Valerie at ESPN Zone (a restaurant whose grandeur, and value are lost on me.)
We went to DL on Monday, I was still pretty sluggish but determined to have fun and not miss out on anything!

How cool is this interpretation of popcorn?My favorite special food items were this: And this Big o pickle, which actually perked me up big time. I'm pretty sure this pickle had healing qualities.

(This is the space that should have been filled with more Disneyland fun but was instead filled with a trip to Urgent Care, and then the ER where Neola and John came to retrieve and deliver us back to Aunt Audries. At the ER they gave me meds and an IV and by the next day we were feeling significantly better. Neola, John, Jay, and Mark came to visit us at Aunt Audries and have smoothies before/after going to the beach.)

Not Your Kansas Clouds

One of my friends Janice at Little Spouse on the Prairie sparked this one. She showed us pictures of her Kansas clouds. Then put out the challenge "Okay all you bloggers, show me the clouds!" I was trying to think...I notice the clouds all the them shapes and give them names...but have I taken photos? Then I remember being in Manhattan Beach, I had just had dinner at The Kettle with Shan and Aunt Audrie. We walked down to see where they have the big 6 man volleyball tournament and other competitions. The lifeguarding competitions were going on and I was snapping pictures. The sky seemed much greyer and darker but for some reason the pictures came out with this fabulous glow! These are my Southern California Beach Clouds!

Monday, August 24, 2009

I'm back

I was away for a while and boy was it an adventure! I went down to the "LA area" excited to see Luke and his family, spend some more time with my family, go to Disneyland, then come back to Fresno for the day and do wedding stuff all day, and you get the drift I had a lot planned. Well then I went and got Swine flu. We dont know how I got it, but man is it a kill joy. Disneyland got cut, I was pretty boring laying in bed and sleeping, one full day was spent in Medical offices, wedding appointments were cancled and I had to stay away from mom so she didn't get sick. (Bittersweet since it meant I DID get to see family in Idaho and stay with Luke for a good chunk of time.) School is starting today. I wish I was more excited.
Updates will be coming shortly. Ill do them all in seperate blogs but after reading this, I guess you'll have an overarching idea of what happened and it might make sense.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

One In Every Color-Gumdrop Pendant

I love these pendants! My very good friends and "Other Parents" make fun fused glass products in their workshop. Their jewelry can be seen all over. I however happen to be one of those unique souls who have trouble accessorizing. Not that I don't have the accessories, I do. I just put a pendant on and leave it on. For a while. This is how I came to specially request these tiny little bubbles. They're fun, versatile, inconspicuous, and get LOTS of compliments! I have green for St. Patrick's Day, A pearly one, blue, teal, dark purple shiny, bubble gum zebra and more! Love these little guys. Go check out Mark and Cindy's re-named etsy store (Name Compliments of Yours Truly!) One In Every Color! <Click Here> If you want something a little more custom (whispies on top, diachronic, etc.) be sure to send them a message, they do lots of special orders!