Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Fun Friday

Friday night was an eventfull kickoff for the weekend. I went to Famous Daves with Cindy, Mom, Mark, and Dad.
Then the Cobb cornfield maze with Mikey, Destinie, Matt Caskey, Beth, Jesse, and Katie

The corn got pretty tall in some places!

We got out!
Saturday my mom and I went to her class to do some organizing and cleaning. Then we came back and tackled our very full garage. I'm pleased to announce that we got rid of a load of trash and a load of "good will" re-packed a lot of things and there is now room to walk in the garage, and we can even access some of the stuff! Not to mention I now have a real bed in "my" room. No more couch bed!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Hats On?

You are now viewing the finally finnished, fully assembling, goofy looking, fair isle hat with earflaps and dangly braids that I love and am very proud of!
In this picture you can even see the fleece I tacked on inside the hat for added comfort, and to keep the wool that makes up the hat clean!
Almost makes me want to be in the snow again so I can wear it! Just kidding...after snow in June I dont need to see snow 'til February!

Beguiled by Guilds

On Saturday I went with Tanya, Tyler, and Kim to the Civil War Reenactment AKA The Civil War Revisited. I especially enjoy going to this event every year that I can, I often dress up, but this weekend was a busy one, and since many of my clothes are in the garage, I opted to save dressing up for Halloween this year. This year the guilds' exhibits were especially good. I spent the most time checking out treadle and hand crank sewing machines, chair caning and spinning! (No, I didn't forget to purchase a bag of kettle corn before we left. The important stuff right?)I was so interested in what I was seeing that I forgot to take pictures!

Here are two that I did get:

Tanya, Tyler, and Me!

Kim snuck up front to get a better view of the battle...she's wearing a green shirt.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Bulldogs, Vandals, and Dodgers

On Saturday Val and I were given tickets to the Fresno State vs. University of Idaho game. (University of Idaho is the school I spent last year at through National Student Exchange.) When my mom called from Lakeview Cottages to ask what we were doing Saturday night, Val, my mom, and I all laughed when I announced that we were going to a football game. So we dug out our Fresno State clothes (after seriously contemplating wearing "Vandal Gear") and headed to the game.

It was pretty chilly weather for Fresno in October.

This was the final game score. Though I still maintain that if UofI hadn't called for a review {regarding whether they were 1 yd short of a first down) they might have maintained a momentum to score again if not win. The play after that review, Fresno State intercepted the ball, U of I called a review for that too, then Fresno State had a timeout, and it was all over. Overall enjoyable. Jason and Mike were very nice and explained all the questions I had about the game! Good news I actually paid attention the whole time! Not once did I pull out a book, magazine, or alternative activity such as knitting!

Monday night football turned into Monday night baseball in honor of the Dodgers playing. Matt, who had gone to the game on Sunday in LA broght his towel and wore his whole outfit! Here he is rallying (is that the correct term?) for a strikeout...or something. He rallied a lot.

Mark and Levi, Christa, Aaron, and Sam!

Cindy shared some of Jill's yummy cobbler with Charlotte, one bite turned into Charlotte taking her own spoon and eating out of Cindy's bowl and when asked whose bowl of cobbler it was Charlotte said "mine" without one ounce of doubt in voice or facial expression! Classic! I like the way she thinks!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Quilt Camp

Last weekend my mom and I packed our bags, and sewing machines, and cutting mats, and rotary cutters, and headed to Quilt Camp! For those of you not familiar with this strange occurrence it is when quilters take their quilting projects away from home to camp where there are fewer distractions, calling away from the hobby they love! We had two and a half days of sewing and got a lot accomplished.

A picture of the group we took at the end of the week!

This is why when I walk in I think it looks like a factory/sweatshop.

Cindy, Stephani, and Jennifer

A lot of us participated in a 1930's fabric themed friendship quilt block exchange. Everyone makes 15 of the same block, then everyone gets together and trades blocks so in the end you have 15 different blocks. Then each person gets to put them together in the way that they want. Here is Dotty and her completed quilt top.

Here is Jennifer and her completed 1930's quilt top. Don't you just love the pinwheels?

Here I am with a suggestion of what my quilt top is going to look like. I just got started on it since I've been away in Idaho.

Aunt Maggie finished up this Thomas quilt for her Grandson Tyler, and started a really fun Monster quilt!

My cousin Kimmie started her Yellow Brick Road quilt. (Yellow Brick Road is the name of the pattern, I know the colors are purple and green.)

Here is Tanya (also my cousin) with her blocks for the quilt she started. I cant remember what its called.

Cindy is working on a really tricky quilt where the blocks have about a gazillion different little pieces! Pretty!

We had a fun time and were very productive!

Bears no Longer Baring it All

Since I started knitting I've been working on a lot of baby projects. I've been doing this because it was a good way to learn a lot of skills on little projects that don't take too much time. My sister found good use for these clothes putting them on her bears.

The three bears in the middle were "happy" because the clothes fit them, but Koala Baby (Left) and Gunther (Right) wanted clothes that fit them. So for Valerie's birthday I knit Koala Baby a little hat and I knit Gunther a little sweater. Gunther has a funny shaped body so I undid and re knit the sweater a couple times but the end result was good! ( I think at least!)

Here are Koala Baby and Gunther. Val says Koala Baby looks like a thugster. I kind of agree.

And because this was funny I couldn't leave it out.

Idaho- again

The last weekend in September I got a chance to go back up to Moscow, to see Luke and some friends! I had a really good time!

Jenny very kindly took me to the Sacramento Airport. On the way we stopped and got fried pickles! Yumm!

We went to the driving range on Saturday, Sunday, AND Monday! I'm pretty proud to say that I'm now actually hitting the ball (more at least) and its going farther and straighter. On Saturday and Sunday we even golfed golfed on three holes. Granted the first time I had 14 strokes on a par 4, but the next day I got it down to 9. Yay! haha.

Me, with my new club! Customized for me by Luke!

The weather was beautifull all weekend! We spent some time at the U of I Arboretum.

Some of the leaves were just starting to change color. The colors of the leaves in the tree below reminded me of my currently favorite hand dyed yarn by Lynda.

We finnished up the trip stopping to get a Plain bagel with scrambled egg, smoked gouda cheese and bacon! My favorite Moscow meal from Moscow Bagel!