Wednesday, September 28, 2011 Quilt Camp

This weekend was quilt camp. I confess I don't feel like I got a whole lot done even though my brain knows better. I did however have a wonderful time and very much enjoyed spending the time with the other women up there. This year there was a new baby! In some of the related groups of women there were three generations. It was such a reminder of how quilting is part of my heritage and culture! Many of the women at quilt camp remembered how my mom would bring me to quilting events as a wee tiny baby like this sweet girl.

She slept through all the hubbub of us talking and working. When she wasn't sleeping many of us took turns holding her. It made me think about how I love these events for the din of calm focused women enjoying what their doing. I unfocus on individual conversations and the white noise starts to relax me. It is the sound of a safe place. It is one of those sounds of "home."
Funny how one tiny baby girl can remind me about all that.

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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Speaking Of

I have worn some uncomfy shoes this week on account of one of my kiddos said "Mrs. Nickodemus, why do you wear those shoes every day?" (she was talking about my Birkenstocks.) I promptly told her "because they're comfy!" as I jar been remind every day I've tried to "spice it up."
Speaking of spice...I'm wearing men's deodorant today. (free sample at the gym.) Every time I smell it I do a slight double take but I enjoy it very much. I wonder if it throws off people around me.
Speaking of deodorant and people around me, dude in one of my classes stinks like 6th grade boy pre deodorant. Think he would be offended if I got him one of the samples? Yah me too. There has to be a solution.
Lastly: Quilt Camp Tomorrow!!

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Monday, September 19, 2011

Lego my Rainboots

Friday: One of my classmates began a baby quilt for her first niece.

My rain boots came!

Lukes response to that picture: "Hahahhajahajajahahahahaha! Those are ridiculous!" I still love them and am now more determined to wear them more around him so he can hear all the compliments I get for them.

I helped "chaperone" an iceskating birthday!

I love skating! Add some 8 year old girls to the mix and we had a blast!
On saturday I took some quilts to the fair! One I entered and some others entered! We decided it's high time we "represent!"

That night Rachie (Rachel) and I hung out and had a mellow night playing legos. She helped my put together part of the Hogwarts castle/bridge.

I have been bit by the lego bug folks. The globe spins, the buildings have connector spots!

It probably helps that they come in every color. And the minifigs...they're totally cute and collectable and interchangeable. What's not to love!
Ok maybe how lose-able they are.
Rachie asked if Legos are my new hobby. I said "tscha!"

Speaking of hobbies. I'm leaving for Quilt Camp on Thursday. Funny how getting ready for quilt camp requires just as much pre projecting as what I'll get done in the mountains. Maybe that's why we get so much "done at quilt camp." we count everything we did before. Today I bought and cut binding for some quilts my mom had made (to sew on at camp) I put a border on a quilt(so I can put another on at quilt camp) I cut out squares of scrap batting and red and white scraps from moms stash (so I can assemble a rag quilt at camp.) The list goes on. Needless to say I'm up way past my bed time so I don't cultivate a cold to work on at quilt camp. It waiting to pounce I can feel it.
Lastly, I'm thinking about starting coffee. I had three mocha last week and regular coffee might have been a choice.
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Friday, September 16, 2011

What Was I Thinking

Ever have those moments when you're in the middle of something and all of a sudden you wonder "what the heck was I thinking getting myself into this?!"
Well that was me about two pages into my first science test. Yikes bikes.

Similarly I have a friend (Debbie) who had a moment like that in that she was cleaning her windows on her roof, shut the window, locked herself out of the house and fell off the roof after the ladder she tried to use to get down. She gets what I'm saying. Please throw an extra prayer up to the big guy on her behalf.
I was hanging out with her and I caught a glimpse of David, her son's "One in Every Color" frisbee golf frisbees.

I also got a chance to visit with another one of my BFFs Emilie (Debbie's daughter) when I picked her up and dropped her off at the airport. Emilie and I can pick up conversation right where we left off even though we live in different states. AND I was totally on time for the pick up and drop off which I'm sure was a HUGE relief for her as I made her late almost every day we carpooled to high school. By the time I started driving myself I can't blame her for having considered murder on several occasions. (I had a whole sappy post with pictures like the one I did about Destinie and Ryan but it got cleared from my phone and I primarily blog on my phone from bed just l before I fall asleep or as I'm waking up and I keep forgetting to grab the pictures. Sorry Em, sleep over pictures.

My In-Laws came through town on their way to take Jay, Lukes youngest brother to Cal Poly! We had breakfast the morning they left at Batter Up Pancakes, the best breakfast place Ev. Er.

My cool math professor has one in every color math manipulatives. I totally interrupted him and asked if I could put him on my blog and as soon as the words came out of my mouth I knew I had done a bad deed. If I had been my teacher and my student had interrupted my teaching I would have made them move their clip from green, straight past yellow to red!!

Once I had been chastised by Destinie sitting next to me, I still it my picture.
Tanya and I have made to window screens. Be proud. As I innitiated the project I also initiated some experiments with anchoring the screen similarly to pre quilt basting the quilt to keep everything tight! The method is not yet perfected.

In case you didn't know, they sell one in every color Nostalgia at Michael's. We used to chew this all the time! 2 sticks in and I remembered how bad it is. I threw it away.

One jn Every Color folders for projects:

And One in Every Color no bleed fine tip sharpies. My classmates not mine...they ARE on my list though.

Today is my sisters birthday. I sent her mail yesterday. AND I called her to vent a bit. I did sing to her but I don't feel like this birthday is nearly a sister loverly as last years video and sappy post. Sigh. That's what she gets for going to Texas and liking it!

I worked on an assignment on my computer today. I seem to have started tapping the space bar twice expecting a period to show up the way it does when I tap space twice on my phone. No such luck. Do you think I'm doing too much word processing on my phone?

This semester is still waaaaay better than last semester. I love my placement and my master teacher has sooo much to teAch me! It's just the way student teaching should be!

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Saturday, September 10, 2011

CSET General Science

I have woken up for my test. That in itself is a success.

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Friday, September 9, 2011


Meet one of my BFFs Destinie.

I met her in 4th/5th grade and we are soooo kindred spirits. And soooo different and soooo the same.

We lived on the same street with one house in between us. We were both skinny little kids with big o glasses. I couldn't get to the boxes that far back for those pictures.

I dyed my hair dark once for Halloween and when I got in the car my mom said "Well Destinie, I didn't know we were taking you!" She is the ying to my yang as she sure knows how to keep organized and work hard. Best example of this: when she came over and cleaned my room because I had hit a wall...ok maybe I was reading.

When we work on projects I like to add flourishes and creativity etc. Destinie makes sure it gets done and in. Anyway...Destinie met Ryan, and I think she really likes him. All our friends seem to like him. Me, I was holdin' out. I've put a stamp of approval on boys before and they've been goobers. BUT I met Ryan today.

I think he's pretty coolio. Mostly because he occasionally reads my blog when I post a convenient link. And maybe because I think Des seems to like him...

Maybe? Blech. I told them to knock it off on the kissy face pictures. Maybe I'm just wishing my kissy face person was in town. Then we'd be the mushiest group around. Anyway. My name is Jessica and I approve this boy. Better not be a goober or I'll retract that! I reserve the right to retract approval.

On another note: Today one of my kiddos said "I thought first grade was supposed to be hard. So far this is too easy." Just you wait buddy, I thought. Later we worked on place value. (Tens and ones) I think he takes it back.

I resisted the urge to go to In-n-Out for a cheeseburger and a side of pickles. I think I regret it.

My single subject history class/professor is still cooler than cool. Shes got a Harry Potter Internet browser skin. Oh yah and I learn cool stuff too.
Lastly. Look at my husband. Isn't he dreamy?! When I miss his face this is my go too picture. It also shows up when he calls me.

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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Freaky Deaky

3 day weekends are kind of a mean trick. I've gotten on a schedule, even on saturday and Sunday I only slept in an hour. Come Monday I slept in 3 and then it was Tuesday and I had to get up. Growl.

There were 6 motorcycle police officers/speed traps around my school this morning. I'm happy it will remind some of the nutso drivers to be safe but it makes me so neeeeervous I'm doing something wrong and don't know! I know I'm not...but yah.

I discovered I've got another long weekend coming up and Luke and I booked a ticket for me to go see him!!! It'll be a quick trip. We may never leave our apartment. I can't wait. I hope he will make me waffles.

There is a chihuahua that lives across the street from me/us here in the county island of Pinedale. (and some others that wander freely) Well this particular Chihuahua likes to anything that threatens to move...and I think to myself that is not the life for meeee. I wonder just how stressed out that silliest of the silly ones must be? Just turn three times and take a chill pill!
In stark contrast to the silliest of the silly ones I was companion to this sweet girl

for some time this weekend. SHE doesn't want to bark. She (Lexi)wants to be AS. Close. To. You. As. Possible.

Did you say snuggle? Why let me just crawl into your lap. Oh goodness melt my heart, I can't resist. Also can't resist: OPI silver crackle nail polish. It's linked to the Pirates of the Caribbean line.

Lastly, while Lexi was sitting in my lap poolside, I began "I Am Number 4." It was a lovely bout of fiction. I almost finished it. Then it got suspenseful. And I was at an unfamiliar house. And Luke wasn't able to remember everything that happened. And I happen to be prone to some freaky deaky dreams. So I stopped reading. I would like to know how it ends. Can I do it? Maybe tomorrow. Mid day.
Ok one more thing. I am Uh-dicted to using the podcast "Stuff You Missed in History Class" to study. It's super entertaining and I pick up words like freaky deaky (see above, heard in the episode about Rasputin.... Who I incidentally resembled in my drivers permit photo if you drew a beard on me. Which I incidentally did at the suggestion of Becca during a high school history class. If I ever find that photo I will post it.)
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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Cricket Ticket

I saw a lady getting a ticket at a school this morning. How horrifying! I think that's worse than a going to school in your underwear dream. Getting a ticket while dropping your kids off at school. Once you have kids it's like having a talking conscience that never let's you forget. Not that I know or anything but yah. Maybe if we have a boy in 10 years we'll name him Jimminy Cricket. Or a girl, Jemima Cricket.

Apparently, this semester I'll be dropping off the face of the planet. I have like 10 calls I need to return and 4 texts to respond to still. On the bright side, I finished a presentation, studied for a test, and made it to class on time. I choose my battles. If you still haven't heard from me, text me again. It's your best bet.

I loooove my student teaching placement. Were talking 200% improvement over last year. Now the only things I'm afraid of are 1.) a crazy lack of sleep, I need like 12 hours people
2.)my final student teaching placement
3.) my single subject tests!