Monday, March 31, 2008

Snow Snow Go Away!

Ugh! Im officially tired of snow! The night of the spontaneous laughter it snowed and I woke up to this:
ITS SPRING!!!! Doesnt the snow know that?

Feeling Better Thanks to Many Laughs

I had my fizzy jello and was on the road to recovery and right before the Vandal Friday (two days dedicated to recruiting prospective freshmen to University of Idaho) events there was a spontaneous gathering of fun people in Upham (my residence hall before I became a Resident Assistant.) I casually mentioned to Jenny that Baby Wiens (now in the world and named Levi Nathanael Wiens) had not made his debut yet and I was anxious to see pictures and at least meet him via blog! Jenny decided that there would be certain conveniences to pregnancy. One of which is pictured below:
Then these girls somehow came to the understanding that they all LOVE highschool musical and burst into High School Musical I AND II song and dance. No joke...they actually know the HSM dances.
Laughter really is the best medicine (next to fizzy jello.)
After this crazy night I felt TONS better!

Comfort Food

After a week away with a different schedule, and a week on another different schedule hanging out with my parents and going to school, all the germs that I had managed to avoid this winter/early spring caught up with me and I was sick. After visiting the doctor I was on my way to the store and decided I needed a comfort food from home. I needed Cindy's Famous Fizzy Jello. I was a little anxious to consume my Jell-o so I added ice to my cold club soda which de-intensified the fizzy-ness but still it was amazing, and just what I needed to help me get better! Thanks Cindy!

A Happy Visit!

My parents made it up to Idaho for a quick visit during my mom's spring break. It was sooo good to see them even if it was a quick trip! It was fun to be a tourist in Moscow! We explored the campus, checked out some of the shops, and even went to an art museum I didn't know existed! My mom and I went to the quilting shop, the yarn shop, and the scrapbook store! She was the perfect person to do that with. AND can you believe it... they were sold out of potato Idaho! (Since we were looking for souvenirs for quilters.) On Tuesday night they took us (Luke, Jenny and me) out to dinner, and we celebrated Luke's birthday. Wednesday night we had pizza in the residence halls so they could meet some of the people I hang out with at school and on Thursday night we went to see a perforance called Dancers, Drumers, Dreamers. An interesting show put on by performing arts students at the University of Idaho focused primarily on rythem and dance. Who knew there was so much to do in Moscow, Idaho?! I guess thats what happens when you "get out." Below are pictures from the week. Hopefully I'll get some more from my moms camera.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Spring Break

So University of Idaho has one of the first spring breaks of the Colleges. We went down to Luke's for the second week of March. The day we (Luke, Jenny and I) were driving down to Medford, and saw the temperature number in the car rising from the low 30's up to 70 degrees we were so excited!
The night we got to Medford we were going to take Jenny to the bus station so she could go the rest of the way to Sacramento but we made such good time getting to Medford we had time to kill. We (the starving college students) got fed a great home cooked meal and hung out with Jay doing FFA ?horticulture? stuff.

This is one of the corsages Jay made. I wish we had had FFA at Clovis West I would have loved learning to work with flowers!

Luke's Brother Mark (Right) participated in the Mr. Phoenix High School competition while we were there. Proceeds from the pageant/competition went to a childrens hospital near Portland, I believe. His talent was solving a Rubix Cube and for careers he was dressed as a construction worker (all though he is considering a career working with children.)

Jay(Lukes youngest brother), Mark(Lukes younger brother), Neola(Luke's mom), and Luke!

After Mr. PHS we played Mario Smash Brothers or something of the sort on Wii. Im sorry to report that I lost drastically but in my defense the competition was fierce.

While in Phoenix, OR we celebrated Luke's 20th birthday, and the early stages of March Madness as you can tell by the screen.

Happy Birthday Luke!

While we were there Luke's parents, who are on the Grad Night planning comittee for Marks High School Grad Night, were getting together a fundraising auction. Since I have previous bow tying knowledge and experience I signed on to help tie bows on some of the baskets being auctioned off. I believe the last bow count was 77! Pictured above are some of the gift baskets.

At the end of the week we filled up my little bug and headed back to Moscow.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Intramural Soccer!

This semester, we decided to get together an intramural soccer team! It was just for fun, we know this because our record was 0 for 5. Sigh. At least we had fun!

For those of you who have seen High School Musical this photo is to be captioned according to my cousin Jenny's specifications:
"Wildcats, get your head in the game!"

The typical boys team shot. (All but one even managed not to smile!)