Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thanksgiving Break, Part 1

Wow what a trip! The Friday school got out I turned dingbat and got noooone of my homework done. I was a vegetable, and my computer is being dumb. USB ports not working, Internet being sketch. I was not wanting to buy a new computer. Seemingly, my computers seem to average me about 3
Anyway, I lounged around Aunt Audries taking afternoon naps and everything fabulous until Luke arrived at LAX the Monday before Thanksgiving. On Tuesday, was our first day of trip at Disneyland! (You're not getting all the pics because some will be our Christmas card.)

Tuesday was a cram day. We crammed in as many rides as possible. You know the cool exciting ones. Space mountain, Indiana Jones, Thunder Mountain Railroad. When we'd done that we hit up shows. Bugs Life and Alladin though Aladdin experienced technical difficulties so we got bumped.

I creeped on this family that read the whole way through the Tower of Terror line. I would like to have a poster of them in my class.

Luke loves the Buzz Lightyear ride. Well actually Luke loves shooting and keeping score...same dif.

Take notice of the differences between our scores. Luke maxed out the display.

Wednesday we recovered and returned to vegging at Aunt Audries. Luke's Brother Jay came through "town" with a couple friends and we met them at Chipotle for lunch.

To be continued, I can no longer stall getting out of bed by blogging as I am officially late.
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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Lounging in LA

I'm at Aunt Audrie's! Made it here just as the sun was setting! So pretty!

Her home is so familiar and cozy!
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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Of Mice and Vampires

The things that have been on my mind as of late.

Notice that not one of them is school work which has consumed my life as of late. Ok almost consumed my life. Jennifer and I managed to squeeze in a trip to the blood bank where she won us two tickets to a midnight showing of Breaking Dawn.

Apparently you have to wait 8 weeks to give blood. Im up again Dec 6th.
So we rebelled against our sleep schedules, and headed to the movie. Along with every other Twilight fan.

On the last release can we just declare a holiday?

Also pictured is my leaves scarf, finally finished!

Any tips for taking better pics in a dark theater with an iPhone?
We managed to keep our eyes open til it started, and then we had no trouble staying awake.
The next morning however was interesting as I had taken a sub job not remembering why I had left Friday blank. One of my little guys made my day though as he brought me this pretty flower!

Lastly, a Little MissMatched catalog found me yesterday. I'm crushing on these classic Mickey Mouse socks. I'll have to pick some up at the shop in Down Town Disney.

How will I end up there you ask? Luke and I are spending Thanksgiving with Aunt Audrie, Grandpa and Shan. We're planning to make a nice little side trip to !Disneyland! with some early Christmas present 3 day park hopper passes. Luke flies into LAX on Monday! Woooh! So excited!

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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Packaged All Up

Apparently I am a lover of quick and easy food.

These are the greatest for on the way to work breakfast. Yay for crumbies on fresh clothes. Lucky for me, bagel crumbs are dry and brush right off. My favorite cream cheese flavor as of this morning? Chive and onion.
Also fabulous as of late is the Keurig coffee maker one of my peers has. I have envy, and have enjoyed the delicious

as well as

The later takes the cake.
They make tough competition for the once again seasonal white peppermint mocha by Starbucks I had at a coffee rendezvous with my dad.

This computer warning is making me curse under my breath.

As is this stupid scarf that is not relaxing to knit and does not help me relax before bed. It's been in the works since 2008 and I'd like it done so I can move on.

Aside from all the US-ual reasons I miss Luke, here are some that are in the forefront this week:
1. Cold sheets. The temp has dropped and things are a wee bit chilly. This is when having a Jacob Black, werewolf, always warm husband comes in handy.
2. The latest book in the Eragon series just came out. While I love that he reads, and reads stuff I'm into, it'd be nice to hear from him every once in a while. If I was there in person I could just invade his space.
3. I totally miss invading his space. Like taking whatever I'm working on, sitting as close to him as possible and then continuing whatever I was working on. (he looooooves this one.)
Counter argument:
It's crunch time at school. I'm a wee bit snappy. It's nice that when we DO see each other were 100% focused on each other and we have good chunks of quality time carved out.

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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Shattered and Dyed

Coolest presentation ever! Allison C taught us why you need to know math when dying hair!

Then we got to practice!

Chris was NOT too happy with that smell!

Also last week:

We went to one of our local fire stations on a field trip.

Costco find!!! Hooded ruby red pea coat! Swoon! $49 suckas!

Finally finished my vest! (free pattern called Sexy Vesty on Ravelry) credit to aunt Maggie for the pictures and CA orange tree backdrop.

Also, totally eyeballing this book in my classes scholastic book order. I have almost bought it before but now that my master teacher can get bonus points for my purchase...hmmm....

I took three CSET tests this weekend. My science re-take, along with World and US history. They were hard. Normally I can say how I did after a test. On this one I'm not sure. I CAN say that my essays either saved me or hurt me "real bad."
Also, I dropped my Maui Jim's that are the benefit of having a golf professional husband this morning. The lens shattered between it's safety layers. It's a sad day as they have already been sent in once for free repair.

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