Friday, March 29, 2013

Finish It Up Friday- Dresser, Mug Rug, Shipping, Hat

The dresser is finally finished! I looked for pretty glass knobs for the drawers but didn't find anything I LOVED. So until I find something I do love, I painted the old knobs white.

Here are some close ups of the dots. I ended up using the back of the brush. 

These are the implements I tried using to see what kind of dots they would make. 
The dresser make over went all the way down to the drawer lining. Yay for bright green zig zags!
 Our room is finally starting to come together and I'm loving it! The only thing that doesn't go is Luke's Jerry Rice jersey from when he was a kid. I don't think it's going anywhere any time soon.
I also finished my closet door curtains. I HATE sliding doors because then you can only see half of what's inside. Luke took the doors off for me and I made the curtains out of the same material that's on the window and put them on a tension rod. 
I was able to get some packages out too!
Does anyone else use cereal boxes to ship things? I like that they're pretty light so they keep the weight down. But I always have to get the "Box Tops" off first (money for schools) which sometimes leads too pre shipping box repairs!
I finished binding these two sided mug rugs. 

 and I finished this Abby Cadabby hat!
It's a loose interpretation on the character from Sesame Street, and while it didn't quite come out exactly how I had imagined, its done and the girl I made it for still likes the show. It's really stretchy so the fit should be good and I'm pretty happy with it!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Really Random Thursday-My Famous Husband

 I've been meaning to share these articles for several reasons.
1.) There are family members who anonymously read the blog to keep up with the goings on of our household.
2.)This is really the closest I get to scrap-booking and journaling, and I intend to have my blog printed and hardbound for history's sake.
3.) Sometimes its fun to brag on that guy you're married to.
I was just having trouble finding the right day and Live a Colorful Life's "Really Random Thursday" fit the bill, so I'm linking up!

Around the time we first moved to Garden City, they interviewed him for the most local Newspaper. For those of you who get "the major" newspapers, please try to remember this is not "The Times."

Another way that he's famous is that he got snagged to be in a photo shoot at his last job at that big resort hotel in Colorado Springs! This publication with him in it came out last month!

So there you have it. My famous husband.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

WiP Wednesday- Pom-Pom's, The Scoop, Upside Down

I'm working on a hat that channels a certain Sesame Street character and therefore requires two pink and purple pom-poms. 
 I had an excuse to use my handy dandy pom pom maker which is always a treat!

 I'm just about done with the hat!
I made some chocolate chip cookies this afternoon. 
I love this Oxo Good Grips Cookie dough scoop. I can set it down on the counter and it has a nice rest so that the dough covered scoop doesn't touch the counter.
 While we were gone this week my seeds were feeling neglected and confused. Because the weather was YUCKY (snowy and grey) I planned to leave them on top of the fridge where they were likely to stay the warmest. Unfortunately they didn't get any light either and the plants started growing upside down. With a little sun today they seem to be recovering fairly quickly.
The seedlings who were further along seem to be having a bit tougher of a time bouncing back. Cross your fingers for them.
The last WiP is that I had a meeting Tuesday morning that went pretty well if I do say so myself. We'll see what becomes of it!
I'm linking up with Lee at Freshly Pieced and WiP Wednesday!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Let Me Show You Our Weekend

 Me n Cami
 Top L-R: John, Neola, Luke, Me
Bottom L-R: Kyle, Mark, Cami
 My M-i-L Neola is faaaaamous for her candid photos!

I've taken to posing for them. Meet the many faces of me:
 We had some pre-wedding shopping to do but the stores didn't actually open 'til 12 and we met at 10. Prompt Starbucks Pinochle:

 These dress-up cuties!
My cousin Lindsay and Dasch!
After two days of snow.
 In our Magrathea Scarves!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Finish it Up Friday- Magrathea

I have finished another Magrathea scarf. Once again I LOVE it! (Good thing this one is for me!) The last one was for my mother in law and I realized last night that if I finished this and blocked it today, the two of us could take pictures in them together when we're helping Mark get settled in his apartment in Colorado Springs!
 I knew I'd be cutting it close on yarn with this one but I definitely started to feel the pressure.

I can't wait to wear it!
I'm linking up with Finish it Up Friday over at Crazy Mom Quilts! She just finished up a Big Bang Theory reference pillow that I have major envy of.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Really Random Thursday- 3/21/2013

I tried a new eye doctor today. I'm not thrilled. I miss my old one. Seriously. Pass the word on to Dr. Aaron Wiens of Fogg, Maxwell, Lanier & Remington EyeCare.
 First she went to put drops in my eye without saying ANYthing. Then, they BURNED! NO warning. Then right after she goes "Oh yah, this burns." Scowl.  I know my contacts are the "old generation" so she had me try a couple "new generation" contacts. She's having me try two different styles. One in each eye. One felt funky right off the bat. She gave me a back up of the other style. After all that the contacts tech guy asked "did she put eye drops in your eye that burn?" Yeeeeeess. "Well that could last a while and affect the way they feel." Gee thanks. My eyes are not happy today. D'you think it would be weird if I head back to Fresno for an eye appointment?
It's March and every year for Luke's birthday I get him a BIG basketball tournament called March Madness. I know, that joke is going to get old soon yesterday. Anyway, the Nickodemus Fam always fills out brackets. So here's mine. I'm really not feeling that passionate about this one. Basketball fever is strong here and I maaaaay have immunity.

 I do not however have immunity to fabric fever, so I'm participating in the Fat Quarterly Modern Madness bracket. The best part of it: I discovered a whole bunch of new fabric I just need  really want.

I'm linking up with Cindy @ Live a Colorful Life with Really Random Thursday

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

WiP Wednesday -The Dresser, And Some TP Planting

I have been working on painting this dresser for a few days now. On Monday I traced this image onto the dresser with the projector and on Tuesday I painted the design this slightly darker shade of blue.
I had plans to add a couple more colors to the design but when I had put the drawers back in the dresser (they're still sticking out a little because I didn't want the paint to stick) I thought to myself, that looks pretty good the way it is! I asked a few of you for advice on whether I should add the other colors or not and the dilemma still stands. Then Mary suggested putting cling wrap over a drawer and trying some of the accents...which is when I remembered I have Photoshop! So the picture below is an edited photo with both aqua and green accents added. I need your advice! Do I add the green and aqua or do I leave it blue and white?
 These are other elements in our room.
Top left: A math  project I did in 6th grade, essentially measure and copy an original. All art framed in the same style by my Dad.
Top Right: Vase of Roses, Van Gogh
Bottom Left: Irises, Van Gogh
Bottom Right: Light blue material is our curtains, Blue and Green material on left is our paisley duvet cover (the ONLY one Luke and I could agree on.) Diamond quilt is my French Kiss quilt (see here) The light blue paint card in the back is the color I painted the dresser. The three bolder paint chip's are the colors for the accent. The one I've already painted on is the blue on the bottom.

Also a work in progress is my seed growing. I'm trying a route I pinned on Pinterest using toilet paper rolls (and some paper towel rolls) and produce/bakery containers as the green house.
 The two bins on the right are Zinnia's and the one on the left has various starters of squash.
Lastly, I've got some binding to do and these quilts will be all done!!!