Friday, July 31, 2009

In The Bag Part II

Leslie, my co-worker is getting married in September. I had gotten some towels (I couldn't resist towels, the way they're on the shelves...they're just asking to be a "One in Every Color" post.) but I wanted to jazz up the present a bit. Make it a little more fun! I thought about getting her some magnets...she HAD been quite entertained by my infatuation with my dot magnets. Then I thought I have to do something crafty, because she thinks I can do anything crafty and I gotta keep my fans happy. I thought I could do my own wrapping! Just as I was heading toward the customizable wrapping aisle in Michael's a packaging inspiration came to me. Wrap the towels in a bag she can use over and over!

My embroidery has improved vastly since the beginning of the felt flowers so I felt confident abandoning my old puff paint ways and going for some "big girl" crafting. I took inspiration from Leslie and Daniel's invitations and incorporated a peacock feather.

Filled with towels and accented with bow!

Laura volunteered to model for me! For the record, she isn't the soon to be Mrs Lee who will be receiving the bag.

I'm pretty excited about this little project. I hope she likes it!

A Fortunate Turn of Events

My dad took us to Dai Bai Dang so we could break in my mom's new handicap parking placard. This is what my fortune cookie said:
"Travelling to the south will bring you unexpected happiness. "

It's like they knew Luke is flying into LAX on Sunday, and that we'll (Luke, his family, maybe Val and Matt, and Me) be going to Disneyland! Hmmmm.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Listmaker

I'm preparing for some travel adventures and I recognized the need for some lists. (My dear friend Emilie F. would be so proud!) I found this cool site that helps one make their list. You can find it Just passing along some good news.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

One In Every Color-Australia

My sister Valerie went to Australia. (Melbourne to be specific.) When she was there she saw this wall. And thought of me. And my wedding. She calls this wall "The Graduation Party." (She thinks I have too many wedding colors and that it will look like a graduation party.)

One in Every Color-Dots

Dot magnets that is. Today we went to the Fresno Metropolitan Museum of Art. They had some fabulous exhibits up!

Have a Ball! - combines an arcade, amusement park, miniature golf course, playground, sporting event, laboratory, and science fair into an educational, hands-on science exhibition.

Bob the Builder-Project: Build It!-Just for youngsters, this exhibition strives to educate visitors on the importance of environmental issues with hands-on and interactive exhibit stations

I Want Candy: The Sweet Stuff in American Art- Want Candy consists of 54 works of many media types, providing a social commentary on candy and its effect on our culture and our lives. (Just beware the naked woman eating chocolate.)

Doug Hansen: Mother Goose in California- This enchanting exhibition of illustrations takes Mother Goose away from the English countryside to explore the Golden State of California. (Great for ABC practice!)

Brain Teasers 2-Brain Teasers 2 offers 20 challenges for puzzle enthusiasts of all ages. (Super hard, the kids helped me out big time on these ones.)

Last but not least, the gift shop. Where I found these beauties.

And there's one in every color. I took them out and started playing with them on the cookie sheets that are supposed to be serving as trays for the felt flowers.
We didn't like the funny shade of green. It didn't fit. So we sent it to Siberia. Then, the mush pot. Mush mush mush.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Life...the nitty gritty.

You've been getting lots of "One in Every Color" blogs, but not so much on the details. Life has been busy. Though today I realised the thing that makes me the busiest is procrastinating my studies. Something about the credential program is rubbing me the wrong way. Big time. I've been blessed enough to have a lot of job experience opportunities and practice working with kids, their parents, and coming up with curriculum etc. Unfortunately this makes me feel...well...not very challenged while taking my classes, and I become very unproductive. To me it seems lame, so I put it off. Then its not nearly as great as it would have been if I had just done it. Agh. I guess this is a reminder that I need to be keeping my students challenged with interesting projects.

We had a nice little jaunt down to the LA area to visit my Grandpa who is in the hospital to treat back pain and weight loss. While we were there we stayed with Aunt Audrie, and Mom, Aunt Audrie and I met up with Shan (my grandmommy) for lunch. While down south we made a fun little discovery at See's candies. They have the most delectable Root Beer Lolly pops in stores for a limited time only.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

One In Every Color-Felt

This is what our dining room table looks like right now. Color therapy! Every day...well I know they might be driving my dad crazy so I'm making an attempt to get to a stage where I can put them away.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

One In Every Color- Phones

These phones all have quite the stories. Most of the stories pertain to color. Mom and Val got the phones first. They both go blue. Then I came into town from Idaho, and was up for a phone upgrade. Luke and I went to the store and Mom told me I couldn't come back with the same phone as Val or Val would be mad. So I got green. Turns out she had wanted green over blue. Lose lose situation. Well turns out Cindy W. had the same phone too. In green. We were always picking up each others phones but all it took was one slide open. Cute little grand kids meant her phone. Boy hearts girl meant mine! Then Lakeview Cottages phone went kaput. Lakeview got red. That's the color I wanted. No matter. I got a new (red) phone (with a camera that has a flash) the weekend this picture was taken so its a mute point. HOWEVER, I thought it was cool that we had "One In Every Color." haha.

Friday, July 10, 2009

The Rabbit.

I'm pretty sure this was the rabbit that jumped in front of my car last summer.

One In Every Color-Ribbon

Many of you may have heard by now I had a little trouble getting the wedding colors down to one or two. Sooo I have about 10! Val says it looks like a graduation party. I'm not so sure I mind! I recently got my shipment of the ribbon I ordered. I was even more glad I didn't narrow down my colors! They're so pretty!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Campfire Story

Back when my parents were managing the cottages my sister, Matt and I headed up to Huntington Lake. We were sitting around the campfire making some of the most amazing shut-em-ups I'd ever had. There was a crazy family with 4 boys and cool glowsticks. Val had her special someone...
Mom had her special someone...Here I am with my special someone...

sort of? haha. I missed having Luke to share the sugar rush.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Fab Food- Homemade Rolls(buns) and Super Salad

The other day Grandpa (Don), Grandmommy (Shan), Mom, Dad, Val, Mark, Cindy and I all sat down to a superb meal! Mark made buns in his new Kitchen aid mixer! Don't they look so earthy and wholesome and ready to be slathered in all the things that are bad for you? :) They were delicious. And of course I was so busy taking just the right picture of the food that I didn't think to take a picture of the fabulous company. Doh.

One In Every Color-Tie Dye

The summer program I work with is housed at 6 different elementary school sites. Each site has its own color, and when we go on field trips each school is identified by their color (hopefully the kids are wearing that color as a shirt.) Our color is orange. Each kid brough a shirt to dye. We keep them at school so the students cant forget their shirts at home and I bring them home to wash them all at once. Here they are line drying in the back yard. (We fluffed em in the dryer, but why not take advantage of our Fresno heat? ) I dont have a picture of the other schools' colors but it was too cool of a scene not to share!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

One In Every Color- Sharpies

So now that I'm reflecting, I am starting to wonder if I gather items because I like the item, or because I like that I can potentially get "one in every color." Ever since Sharpie started producing colors, I have been captivated by them. I always asked if we could just "throw em in the cart." Finally when I was cooking at camp, we got colored Sharpies for the kitchen. I was thrilled. And definitely spent more time making food labels then was really necessary. But it was art. Art takes time. So over time I've collected quite the set of sharpies, but they've always been more of a hodge podge. Never new at once. Some go bad when others are new. I cart them around in one of those free make-up bags you get from Clinique when you spend more money on make-up. (I guess not really free then?) Its always exciting to see all the colors ready to be used when they're opened.
HOWEVER I got a surprise a couple days ago in the mail! It was a graduation/birthday present from Luke's family. For graduation they sent me something that could be used in my future classroom. I was intrigued, when I opened up the beautifully wrapped present, inside I found: SHARPIES!!! A beautiful, brand new, full set of Sharpies! Exciting. Just wait. It gets better. When you open the package, you don't have to mangle the package just to get to the markers, they open up so you can pick the marker you want, and then they each have a slot they snap back into.

So cool! Eeeeeh! Then I couldn't resist taking them out and arranging them in my favorite circular pattern that shows off the colors! Not quite a color wheel, but oh so pretty!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Here it is! It's our logo! I LOVE it!
Big Kudos and many thanks go to Izzy and the Bean for her fabulous work! We're on her blog! Check it out! (She thinks we're adorable hehe) I think her shop name is adorable.I'm very excited it represents us both, and serves as another unifying theme for the event!
If you don't love it, or think part of it looks funny, just let me be happily ignorant! haha
It's too late now!