Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Last night my new favorite drink from Starbucks

and I drove a car very full of scrapbooking supplies to Grand Junction where Neola (my mother in law) and I will be scrapbooking to our hearts content until Friday-ish. There's an open invitation to anyone who wants to join because we will be here haha.
Should you wish to try this new favorite drink, here is how Val suggested it to me(she can come up with a drink for anything a person is thinking of but can't name):
Get a cafe vanilla Crapy chino with caramel sauce (upside-down and on top!)
*I had to work very hard to say frappuccino when I actually ordered it.

When I order it, just to be very clear with the baristas I make sure they know that upside down means LOTS of caramel on the bottom of the cup AND on the top. Also to make sure they really get the caramel bit I say it about a hundred times. Worlds most annoying Starbucks customer? I think so! Holla! Caramel is important.
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Saturday, June 25, 2011

One in Every Color-Golf Shirts

The golf course Luke is currently working at is hosting the Women's Open this year. Which of course means all the pros need a new shirt for each day!

The colors really are quite striking. Actually most golf clothes are vibrant and pretty which is why next year I plan on making an Easter egg to resemble each one of Luke's work shirts past and present next year.
In case you plan on watching the open and keeping your eye out for Luke, here are the days he will be wearing each shirt:
Monday, July 4
Tuesday, July 5
Wednesday, July 6
Thursday, July 7

Friday, July 8
Saturday, July 9
Sunday, July 10
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Friday, June 24, 2011

Plarn Bags- Going Bag on my Word

I really can't decide what kind of tutorial to give you for making a bag. Each bag I've made has come out different! Here's the bag I made with the plarn product featured in the plarn making post. That whole bag was made with the bags that filled a cupboard in one of Luke's college apartments.

What I like about this bag is the dense basket-like structure, that it's size reminds me I'm only buying veggies and fruit for two, an that it can double as a lunch bag or even a knitting bag because it's so dense.

I started this bag last night. Instead of quartering the bag when I cut loops I cut it into 6ths(this made the Plarn more fine), and this time I tried knitting. I modified a pattern I found on Ravelry to make it smaller. *Remember* Plarn stretches. Your bag will grow more than you think.

I used about two of my packets of bags until I had a ball this big:

Funny, I still had this much left.

Really I just kind of make things up as I go. If anyone out there begins to try this adventure an wants me to kind of write up a formula for the bag they want just comment or send a message! You should probably stay tuned because there's a high chance I'm going to be swimming in bags soon and needing to do a give away or two. Yes, it will require commenting. Don't worry though, commenting doesn't require an account.

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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Plastic Bag Bag-Plarn

That may seem like a redundant title but this post is all about bags made out of plastic bags. They had sort of slipped my mind because I hadn't used them in a while, but when I took one to the Farmers Market last Saturday I knew I needed to get the rest of them out! They're so light and structured it makes carying them easy and not at all like a burden. When I was looking for a  batting I had tucked away for my dino quilt I found a batting, my bag bags, AND my box full of folded bags. Time for my first tutorial!!!


Here are all some of the bags I've been saving for this project. They take up less space when folded and I like  having them grouped by type so I can use the same kind in one bag or make a design.
 My neat box of folded bags is a far cry from what I found at Luke's apartment back when I took the pictures for the plastic yarn (plarn) making tutorial.
Step one is to fold the bag the long way (hotdog style) as pictured in the picture below on the left.
Then, as pictured on the right, cut  off the bottom and the handles and quarter what's left.

 The quartered pieces when opened up are loops. Connect the loops as pictured below. I don't know the name of the technique the best way I can relate it to you is how you connect rubber bands.
 Keep connecting them to make a longer and longer chain. (See below.)
 Then start winding it up into a ball.
To make a bag you'll need a ball approximately the size of a volleyball.
If you're wanting a bag like this I totally encourage you to make one! I know that many of you take your own bags to the store and don't have plastic bags laying around. If you would like me to send you a bundle of bags  to get you started or would even like me to send you a ball of PLARN (plastic yarn) I would be happy to do so for the price of shipping. If you are wanting a bag that you don't make get a hold of me and we can work something out! Making a bag tutorial to come tomorrow!
***Added Later in the Day***
Starting at the top and working left to right in rows
Row 1: Target, Target, Target, King Super, King Super
Row 2: Walmart, Walmart, Misc. Blue, Albertsons, JoAnns and random green, Grey and Silver
Row 3: Bed Bath and Beyond, WinCo, WinCo, Misc. "skeins" and stack, Tans
Row 4: Black White and Red, Vons and Safeway, Savemart, Savemart, Savemart, Savemart
Row 5: Savemart, Savemart, Savemart

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Not A Featherweight Post

Yesterday Luke took me clothes shopping for my birthday. Clothing shopping is not my favorite, but I picked out some solid color t's he picked out some pieces of interest and we were good to go! Plus we finished off with Caramel Milk Chocolate apples from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory.

Will go shopping for treats.

We made it back in time to go to one of the churches in our area only to find that there was no one there for there evening service. Sigh. Chrch hunting is no fun. Why can't they have a church dating service? You know where they match you up with churches that are a good fit?! Looking for church, multiple services to accommodate golf job, not mega church, sports playing mens groups, quilting group, similar beliefs preferred.

Today was the last session o machine quilting. Exciting but sad! I was just starting to get the hang of it! Now I get to go in for some practice sessions and I'm pretty excited!

In my dream house I have a room next to my sewing room just for this machine.

Last day of class picture with my teacher Rita Arnson!

I took one of the featherweights I inherited from my mom to Stitch-wits at the library Monday night. It was fun to let people try the machine and see how fun they are. It was interesting for people to try to understand how I came to be the owner of two and how I came to know about them. I always reference my mom and it's so tricky when I, and other people, reference her in present tense. Sometimes I forget she's gone or don't want to be the kill joy in trying to let them know shes past tense. She's no longer alive.
Along that note I came across some cards I received and papers from just after she died. I confess I still can't go through them, or even respond to them. They're very meaningful. I keep them because they're special and I'd like to get back to the people who wrote them but it brings up some raw hurry feelings that I don't really want right now. Not sure what to do with that. But it's there.

Yesterday for breakfast these hash-brown cakes were my little foo triumph.

This is what I used along with one egg.

I tried to do a drive by of one of many billboards and ads for the Women's Open around town. 11 days until it starts! Luke says the grandstands are all up and the East Course is officially closed so that it can be at it's best!

I went to downtown Colorado Springs to check out the yarn graffiti there. It was pretty cool!

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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Chop chop.

Out of need to do something for my birthday I decided to get my hair cut. I'd been thinking about it for a while...




Waffles by Luke. He doesn't believe they belong in dinner time, and he doesn't believe I make them right soooo waffles by Luke for dinner is a special treat!
Today at the farmers market I got some rockin' onions.

I grilled em up and used em to make Pioneer Woman's Marlboro Man Sandwich.

Delicious. Yum. Soooo good. I may have left mine on the grill a bit too long a it was a bit dry. I poured a little Italian salad dressing with the vinegar to oil ratio switched an wooooh-ie that did the trick.

Topped off with some pilaf, corn and a piece of basil for color.
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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Father's Quilt

When I was a wee small unit of unborn cells my Dad made me this baby quilt. (Ok maybe there was a little assistance from my mom.)

It brings back memories of dragging it along on car trips, portable snuggling and it always gracing my bed. The flannel back was so soft and the light green color meant that when I was under it and light shone through I could see the colors of my quilt.

The bunny scenes are familiar friends and the carrot got traced more times than I can count.

I loved to take my special quilt to show and tell and brag that my daddy made it for me. To me it let people know that creating special gifts out of love is not limited to mommies, anyone can do it.
That was a gift my parents made sure to give me. They taught me that if I want to, I can. It might take work to get there, but if there's a will, there's a way.

I remember sitting on our family's navy blue and white polka dot couch a number of times for patching sessions where mom used leftover scraps of fabric to patch my special quilt.

That suspicious looking ink stain was from one of many reading/writing adventures.

This quilt was made for me with my fathers love. I loved that quilt to shreds, literally, and it will live strong in my memory!

Happy Fathers Day Dad!

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Friday, June 17, 2011


Today's my birthday. I'm turning 24. It's more or less anti-climatic, BUT here's a list of my 24 favorite foods in no particular order:

1. Cream, half and half
2. Cheese, the sharper/stinkier the better. Gouda, Brie, Fetta, Extra sharp and white cheddar
3. Shrimp
4. Ice Cream
5. Pistachios
6. Fruit by the Foot
7. Pickles (Vlasic Kosher Dill)
8. Peaches, ripe, juicy, with a loose stone pit so I can eat it all!
9. Fresh trout, cooked over a wood fire with seasoning, butter, and lemon (Mom's way)
10. Strawberries (the little sweet red ones you buy from a stand in Fresno)
11. Stew, vegetable beef cooked in the crockpot (roast falls into this category too.)
12. Aunt Maggie Oranges
13. Sammich, made by Val
14. Matti's Mac n Cheese
15. Rootbeer anything
16. Bruchetta with extra garlic and kalamatta olives
17. Warm, fresh, focaccia ala Macroni Grill or Camp Keola Kitchen
18. Garlic
19. Beef Stroganoff (moms recipe)
20. Smoked Salmon
21. Lemon cake/pound cake (especially the frosting)
22. Caramel (candies,sauce)
My dad used to keep the milk caramel squares in his office candy dish. I knew those were the best from an early age.)
23. Boulder chips (BBQ, Parmesan Garlic so far)
24. Plain Hershey's Chocolate Bar (rooted in my camp(ing) filled childhood I think.)

Mmmm I think I'm going to eat something now.
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Thursday, June 16, 2011

It's Good to Have a Lot

I just watched a show about hoarders and shopaholics whose homes turn into uninhabitable places as a result of a need to buy and keep stuff. Nothing like that to inspire me to go finish a project and get rid of some stuff!
It also makes me glad that Val and I have made sure to do our sorting in phases and revisit boxes we've gone through. We've been able to realistically assess what's special and sentimental and whats excessive.

I have found one thing I'm definitely holding onto and keeping on hand:

These chips are sooooo good! I had tried them at our Costco but I didn't want their variety box. When I found them at my grocery store I picked out my flavors of choice. Luke was watching a movie when I got home and asked why I bought so many chips. I popped a BBQ flavor chip into his mouth and his eyes got all big and he didn't ask any more about it. Maybe I shouldn't have let him try one... Now I have to share.

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