Wednesday, February 29, 2012

One In Every Color Clothes

I saw this sweater from across the store at JoAnnes. It constituted checking out and then going back into the store so I could take a picture.

She thought I was weird but posed willingly. I was so excited about the sweater I forgot to ask for her name.
Also, when I was in LA visiting a couple weekends ago, I was watching the news with Aunt Audrie and saw this fantastic golf clothing line called Loudmouth.

Don't you think this skirt is perfect for me?! Like says he doesn't support the "movement" and that it's too loud and that they won't sell it. I even offered to play a few rounds of golf if he got them for me. No word yet.
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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

How I Roll

I'm spending so much time teaching younguns how to be responsible, my responsibility has gone to pieces. Seriously. I don't have enough to share. I miss the days in high school when I got my planner signed and my mom wouldn't let me leave the table 'til it was done. Yes I lack it that bad.
I know I need to just sit down and do the work. Really I could crank it out in a good chunk of time. I'll get on it.
Also. My shirt smells like my parents house before everything went wrong. It makes me a bit lonely for Mom and Val and Luke.
It's a familiar smell and I don't want it to be gone, but it sure as heck doesn't make me happy.
Lastly: Costco Deli Shepherd's Pie

Delicious, but if I had a choice, that's how I'd roll.
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Monday, February 27, 2012

Last Week

Last Monday Aunt Maggie, Uncle Mike, Tanya, Kim and I all made the trek to Merced to have a delicious dinner at Dad and Cheri's new house.

Cheri made a great dinner with some much enjoyed special touches!

I've been dealing with many car repair adventures which have given me a chance to do some knitting!

And I squeezed in working on these lanyards Saturday morning. I like em! I'm contemplating the idea of making ric rac twists too!

I am loooooving 5th grade and my purse is often as pictured below. Full of books to share! We sometimes do book clubs at lunch!

Also why I love 5th grade: Girl Scouts!!! My cookies are here!!!!

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Friday, February 24, 2012

Thumbs Up Thursday

Thumbs up to:
Luke coming to see me in March!

Tuskegee Airmen, the PBS DVD at Costco, the stuff you missed in history podcast, AND Red Tails the film in theaters about them that I acquired 2 free tickets to see! Thanks!

Costco Meatloaf and Mashed Potatoes

Series 6 of Lego and only needing one more!

My new haircut being thiiiiiiis short and still getting into a "pony."

My cozy roommate.

4 seasons of Big Bang Theory, the people who made them accessible to me, and our humorous viewing setup.

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Speakin' My Language

I squeezed in some time to make these teacher lanyards for v-day.

They're my own custom creation in that I include a badge ring. A school key ring and a detachable home/car key ring.

Target is reading my mind and speaking my language with spring stuff.

Ive also got yarn bombing on the brain.

Do you think I could pull off this tree?

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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Upside. Catch?

This year, v-day doesn't irk me. Mostly because next year, Luke and I will be together. Wooo!

Upside for today: It is one day in a year that it is not considered ridiculous to wear peep toe pumps with pink trim, and bows.
Catch: These pumps are not as forgiving when you wear them a full school day.
Forget the Catch: I got tons of compliments!
Upside: I already had some great practice making my Valentines. See One in Every Color wedding.
Catch: upper grade does not have reduced class size.
Forget the catch: they all loved them! Some even thought they looked so good they'd be edible!

Upside: Pinterest has upped the anti on Valentines. (See Superhero blow pop.)
Catch: I have to quit Pinterest.
Forget the Catch: I got enough ideas this year from pinterest moms to last several years.
Upside: Saint Patricks Day is coming.
Upside: I have the lego minifig.
Upside: spring green.
Upside: Hearty breakfast with my roomies Tanya and Ty.
Upside: Sausage
Upside:egg and sausage baked in the shape of hearts that come neatly out of their container.
Upside: dip able heart shaped pancakes.
Upside: real maple syrup.
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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

That's All Folks

The lockdown ended at 10. As it were, a man was stabbed down the street from us. He did not live on our street and had "gotten in with the wrong people." Everything that I know is hearsay.
The chew consuming detectives were interestingly baffled by the chiwawas that wander the town and have no regard for crime scenes. The particular one that gave them trouble is often seen going down the street marking each of the trash cans in turn. (By my cousin at least.)
It was quite the morning, and was quickly followed by a math lesson, lunch time book club, and detention. Trivial Tuesday eh? Highlight of my day: holding baby Ruby! Yah I'll totally bring dinner for good visiting and baby holding time! Such the ulterior motives! ;)
Now, I will return to writing lesson plans. The bane of my existence.

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Trivial Tuesday

My street is on lock down. No cars in or out. All on a day I woke up early to get to school early. I'm thinking my "ugh" seems mighty trivial compared to what all the other ughs may be.

Another ugh: As we were peeping out our window like Patunia Dursley's we spied one of the forensic/detective guys putting chew in his lip or whatever. Eeeeeeew!

Also ugh: Morning news. Overly cheery people. People dancing awkwardly to awkward music. And none of the info I need.

And my latest trivial concern:
I've gotten two concert emails from Red Rocks Theater. One for a John Denver tribute and the other is James Taylor. I'm tempted by both, but really only want one. How do I decide?

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Sunday, February 5, 2012

One For the Books

On Friday Aunt Maggie, my cousins Tanya, Kim and I headed to Sacramento to visit cousin Jenny and Aunt Cyndi! Jenny has a very conveniently located apartment downtown. (Its apparently 5 blocks from everything.) Jenny's (and her moms) taste is found fantastically displayed throughout her apartment and screams charm!

Girl can even make stacked dishes look artsy.

Our grown up slumber party would have been incomplete without wine and snacks!

The next morning our crew headed to the Tower Cafe for some custard soaked French toast etc.

Wow! That French toast is a repeater, as is the Greek omelette.

We had originally planned to spend the day at Ikea, but it turned out it was Museum Day! Admission to all the museums was free!

We, and all our snacks, went museum hopping and all were within walking distance of Jenny's apartment which was awesome as none of us love negotiating parking. We went to the Stanford Mansion, Wells Fargo Museum, Old Town School, Railroad Museum and stopped for taffy all before 1pm.

This one in every color tile work was in a pedestrian freeway underpass. Almost looks as good as salt water taffy on barrels.

It was a quick trip , as we were headed back that afternoon, but oh so fun! It's goin down in the books.
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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Valentine SPAM

SPAM came up in one of our language arts texts. Only like one kid knew what it was, so I called the local SPAM expert Mark W. and he told me it can even be found at one of our local grocery store chains! So I bought two. The first to cut into 36 bite size pieces and the other to take in so they could see the can!

Since we've been working on simile's they made similes in regards to spam. Then I made some spam artwork. Then we put it all on the board.

It makes me laugh.
Also, I'm now a bandwagon fan of Toms. It was a sports day so I wore them with JEANS!

I love wearing jeans. And comfy slipper like shoes.
Also, I found this card. I wanted to get it for Luke. I didn't think he would find it as funny/cute as I did.

It's especially funny because Luke used to make this noise when he was a kid eating in daycare.

So this is my Valentine to Luke, and a Cc to my MiL because she'd think it's funny!

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Goodies and Baddies

Written Tuesday Evening:

My car and I have had quite the adventures.
I was at Jo-Annes yesterday. I parked my car deliberating whether or not to pull through to the parking spot on the other side. I didn't. I went in, shopped, and came out. As I was walking to my car I thought "why on earth did I pull all the way through? It wasn't more convenient. " I got in my car and it rocked a little on its wheels....I didn't pull all the way through....I left it in neutral with no break on. Ugh. How embarrassing!
1.) Good thing there wasn't a car on the other side.
2.) Good thing it stopped.
3.) What on earth do you think the family waiting in the car next door thought as my car rolled off? Do you think they stopped it?

Other, not nearly as good tidbits:

I took the Reading Instruction Competency Assessment today. I should have done more than consider studying, and I should have consumed a caffeinated beverage beforehand (y'all know how I do love sleep) but in spite of all that I am hopeful.

I acquired a new dog cousin this weekend.

Her name is Keeva and she's Kaylee Waffle's sister! Ummm maybe half sister because she's a German Shepherd not a Belgian I mean Malinois.
We had quite the adventure getting that picture.
I tried Ethiopian food on Saturday...and liked it!!!

My book club and I read Little Bee. The main character is Nigerian so we tried to get geographically close!
The restaurant is called Fasika and is on Blackstone just south of Shaw and just South of Wendy's.

As for the book? It's a tough read/listen. Way thought provoking with strong imagery. Some quotes that linger:
"A scar does not form on the dying. A scar means you survived. "

"It was exhausting prospecting for grief. "

"Trouble is like the ocean. It covers two thirds of the world."

Speaking of trouble. That cancer business is trouble. I have recently come into contact with a female youngling younger than me who recently lost her mother to leukemia. Stinking foul cancer. And seriously. After recently attending a mandated reporting workshop. Why don't more baddies (Little Bee reference) get cancer? Leave us the goodies? My heart aches for this young girl and her siblings. I also pray regularly (and ask you too a well) that I can discern the best way to support her.

On one, much needed, lighter note:
Luke sent me this picture. It makes me laugh EVERY time.
Testing my blog before I rewrite my whole blog post and the app doesn't work.

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