Thursday, November 1, 2012

Quilt for Faith

So I've been trying to keep up with making quilts for all of our cousins who have had babies since we've been married. Between the two of us we have a whole bunch of cousins so I confess I'm a bit behind. I made this one for sweet baby Faith!

 It's a traditional around the world pattern which I particularly enjoy and this is the second time I have machine quilted this wedding ring-esque pattern. I love the intricacy it adds to the design.

 It's backed in the same floral print that I used on the front!

 One of the highlights of making things for little ones is getting pictures of them with the project! Isn't she darling!!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012


followed several bouts of a variety of illnesses. (Yay for working with children and traveling a lot!) I still found ways to enjoy it though. Its funny, I don't like the scary parts of Halloween one bit, but I enjoy the aspect of Fall, dressing up, making things, food and CANDY!

 These jolly guys were a quick project/addition to the library at school. Thank you pinterest! I had special helpers that would help me turn on the battery operated candles inside.

 We actually got to dress up at school and I was Luna Lovegood! The kids either got it or they didn't. It was okay. The kids who "got it" toooootally made it worth it. I confess, though, I was AMAZED at how many teachers hadn't read the Harry Potter books! Seriously people!?!?!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

It's the Yarn

When I went to McCall, Idaho with my in-laws I was so lucky to get to stop in at Keep Me In Stitches and see Lynda! She's a hugely important person in my life because she is the one who taught me how to knit!! She changed my life forever!

While I was exploring her scrumptious shop I discovered a yarn that spoke to me. 

It didn't call out as a specific project. It spoke to me as yarn. It said "I'm beautiful! I feel really good. Your husband wouldn't think it was too weird if you just draped me around your neck, or snuck me into bed." Anyway, I wanted to come up with something that would allow me to see it, and enjoy the feel of it. So I made a basic seed stitch cowl. Its basic and the funniest part is, I have had more compliments and threatens of theft on this set than some of my most intricate projects!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Quilt Camp 2012

On the 20th of September I flew from Colorado Springs to Fresno, California and got to attend a four day Quilt Camp at one of my favorite places, Camp Keola at Huntington Lake!
Here is just about the whole group in attendance! It's great because we're composed of two core groups but now that this is becoming an annual event we get so excited to see each other every year!
Here is our core group that started as the North Fresno Church Quilters, but we're bringing people from all over now!

Our main project for this quilt camp was a wedding quilt for my sister Valerie and her new husband Matt! My mom had started a Mariner's Compass quilt, and completed 6 blocks before she passed away  from Multiple Myeloma. When we were going through her projects Val mentioned that she thought that would be a fantastic wedding quilt for her and Matt. Since they weren't engaged I wasn't in any hurry. Then they got married in Las Vegas and we were too late. SO this quilt is kind of an after the fact wedding quilt.
At quilt camp there were a number of people working on this beast: Aunt Maggie, Tanya (Cousin), Kim (Cousin), Cindy (Matt's Mom), Me (sister), Jennifer (Friend) and even Valerie and Matt!
It is seriously quite the group effort!

The food NEVER fails to impress and this year one of my friends Keila was the cook! She saved me some of my favorite (French Toast) and made some of the most delicious cinnamon rolls ever!
Both Keila's and my parents worked at Camp Keola as young adults and then we both worked as head cooks at the camp as well! Our recipes and cooking styles are very similar so her cooking tasted just like a home cooked meal!
There were many fantastic completed quilt tops!

And even some purses and aprons!
Though they're not pictured, we had some knitting and weaving too!
It was a great time. I cant wait to reserve my spot for next year! 

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

198 Yards of Heaven

I got this scrumptious grey yarn on Yarn Along the Rockies. Its the kind of yarn the wallet doesn't like to acquire a lot of so I used a pattern for just this kind of yarn. It's called 198 Yards of Heaven. The designer created the pattern to be a shawlette made with luxury yarn so that you can wear it, enjoy it, and not go broke over having anything made with it.

It was the kind of knitting that did not allow for any kind of multi tasking so when I was working on it, the scene usually looked like this. 

 It was originally intended to be a project for my sister but it turned out more shawl like than I had anticipated. 

 Since it wasn't Val's thing, I just couldn't let that 198 Yards of Heaven go to waste! So I kept it. And wear it. All the time. I was shocked because it actually kept me a lot warmer than I expected. Shawls (even shawlettes) are cozier than I thought!

* Snow pictures taken by Luke in January at The Golf Club at Southwind

Monday, September 10, 2012

Yarn Along the Rockies

In September of 2012 I heard about a FAB-u-lous Colorado event called Yarn Along the Rockies. While the event extended 9 days, I had work and was headed to California the next weekend so I had two days to get to 21 shops. (There were originally 22 shops but one withdrew last minute.)

 On the first day my friend Cami joined me!

 We made it to 11 shops! I can still hardly believe it! It got pretty intense at the end, but we did get to see some neat things along the way! Like this yarn bombed stop sign in Castle Rock.

 At each shop you got a stamp in your passport. 

 Many of the shops also had little pins to put on a souvenir bag they had on sale. Of course I got the bag because it kind of acts as a conversation starter and lets me brag a bit!

 Here is my completed passport. I love that many of the shop owner had stamps made that were their logo and or shop name.

 Here I am turning it in! 

 Stephanie was my amazing travel partner the second day. She also did quite a bit of navigating. She and the iPhone make a great team!

All in all it was a GREAT weekend and I got to see a lot of shops in Colorado I might not have otherwise gotten to! I also got some great yarn! You'll be seeing more on those projects in a bit!

Friday, August 24, 2012

So Not Board

I've been working on the bulletin boards for the library and I'm pretty pleased with the results so far.

Books are so much my friends it's fun to let the art become part of life. I used a doc cam to project the image onto the wall and used pencil to create a black line drawing. Then re drew it in sharpie, cut it out and laminated it.
The quotes are white chalk on black construction paper cut down so full size white paper would be a mat.
The book covers were pulled from google images and put into word. I adjusted them to be the same size, converted them to grayscale and printed them on the black and white printer. I matted them in white so they would really stand out on the black paper. I hope to change them out regularly and encourage students to try new authors.

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