Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Knitting and Cake in Your Face

This weekend we've been chowin' down on that cake!

Cami came over yesterday inthe morning and we had tea and cake. Then one of the interns from Luke's work joined us for Pioneer Woman's sloppy joes and cake. We also shared some cake with our neighbors while their fun puppies dried off from their bath outside. Cake makes friends. Im thinking my BIL Mark will enjoy some cake when he gets here this afternoon! There's just enough left for him!

I've been knitting this thingy ma bob for national yarn bombing day. My library knitting/sewing group has been asked to yarn bomb the library! Im hoping this covers a good portion of a pillar out front! Note that I'm using the biggest needle in my set! Also note that I'm on a major scrap-stash-busting kick as I've finished two bad call balls with scrap yarn and my graffiti is scrap yarn from other projects!

As for the "In Your Face" part of the title, I just finished a quick FaceTime session with Val, Destinie and Emilie who were incidentally having coffee. (Beth is on her honeymoon!!!!) It was just like I was there having coffee too! Only with Emilie's eye, Valerie's mouth, and Destinie's hair. My face won't stop smiling!
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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Spoons, Skysox, Meatballs

I worked on this mildly frustrating project.

Dawn (one of the intern's at Luke's work girlfriend and a total kindred spirit) and I went down the hill from our apartment to "Old Town" where they were having a giant "thing" called territory days. I had cream soda,

Saw the worlds coolest spoon art,

And some funny signs!

It wasn't until after Dawn went home that I realized we forgot to take a picture!
Sunday Luke and I went to a Colorado Springs Skysox vs. Fresno Grizzlies game. I very much hope tomorrows score is better.

We stopped at Best Buy and Costco to look at TVs. It's Luke's newest hobby. Then we went home where I tried out Pioneer Woman's mini meatball sandwiches, and made a lemon cake to eat tomorrow.

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Saturday, May 28, 2011

One in Every Color-Irresistible

Okay I couldn't resist. These are quick to make and so pretty to look at.

It's the best way to enjoy a favorite line of yarn in one ball. Sometimes I talk at Luke about how some people have bowls, jars, or displays of fruit, beautiful stones, or shells, I want to have bowls and hurricanes full of beautiful rich yarn. In my dream house I'd have a plexiglas or glass section of wall and I'd fill it with yarns in the colors of the room. Yarn as architecture right? Ideally it'd be one of those half walls in the bathroom by the tub so I could look at it and take a relaxing bath.

Weird, I know.
Anyway. I feel like these balls are a good solution. I have a sample of the line, I can see all the colors, I can touch it to remember how good it was to work with, it uses up leftover scraps and Luke can throw them at the TV whenever he wants.

(All y'all who said I was being such a good wifey can take it back if you want. It seems these projects might be purely selfish.)

Ps. Mid project they double as jewelry!

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Friday, May 27, 2011

One in Every Color-Bad Call

When Luke was a kid (10ish) his dad brought home some foam bricks from the hospital where he worked. They used them as "Bad Call Bricks" and would occasionally throw them at the TV when they thought a bad call had been made. Luke confesses to maybe throwing them at the TV for more than a bad call on mornings when he woke up early to watch sports or when he'd come in from the pool before the others to catch updates. (He's a sports loving kid. After reading "A Day In the Life Of..." he sympathized with little Henry, agreeing that one favorite sports team shirt is not enough. Luke said he wore the same jersey every day one Summer.) Anyway, Luke told the Bad Call Brick story with such fondness, when I came across a knitted ball pattern I thought "Bad Call Ball!"
Added bonus, yarn in every color.

All the colorways this yarn made (or the shop I bought it from carried 3 years ago.)

I thought they were very sporty colors.

Tangled mess before I started sewing the ends together.

It's hollow inside so it flattens out quite nicely. Trivet?

Bad Call Ball just for Luke!

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

WIP Wednesday- Unofficial

Ok so I'm not posting to the flicker group or anything and I can't show you the main project because like I said it's a gift. Buuuut check out these fun little pain in the behinds I'm making with the scraps! I left one on the table and it even caught Lukes interest. "How many pieces...how did you...?"

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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Strolling or Hiking

Whew! A lot has been going on between my 12 hour sleeps and adjusting. Some rainy weather brought a pretty double rainbow into view just outside our sewing room/livingroom/kitchen/dining room. (one room sure does become a lot when you have a studio esqe apartment.)

I've really been on top of taking my honey as a preventative measure for allergies. Since Christa told me about it's service as a cough suppressant I've been all over that too.
Aaand we ran out of local honey.
So Cami and I tromped our coughy little bee-hinds to Honey Cottage, a shop in old town that knows all about the bees-ness of honey, bees wax, pollen, and everything to do with bees. I couldn't resist my childhood friends flavored honey sticks (now residing in my purse in case I need a safety snack.)

The most local honey for my Colorado Springs location. Go away allergies!

Of course we couldn't go to Old Town without some French onion soup.

This is a project I'm currently working on. Tooootally my colors right?
 Not so much. It's a gift so even thought the top is done you won't see it til the gift has been given.

May 22 was our anniversary. Luke took a half day off and we went strolling on some trails nearby. Luke would have preferred a more lively pace but I'm too out of shape still getting used to the altitude.

The red rock. Maybe it'll grow on me.

All the spring green that is coming to be is kind of toning the red/orange down. I appreciate it.

The next day we drove up to the Donut Mill, a shop reputed to have the most to die for maple bar. They were out. We ran into Cami and Rob there, fitting because they have given said mill said reputation. They told us about a place nearby to go hiking strolling. We went to this place and didn't want to pay $7 to get in. (Luke is saving for a TV) The ranger sent us uproar for some rocking views.

We took Crags Trail.

Pikes Peak is behind me, the snow was blending with the clouds.

Husband Photography Inc.

We were at a much higher elevation. Stuff is still budding.

The creek was running under the ice. It made the sound of the water bigger which was nice.

Halfway there! Can you see the crags?
So I was huffin and puffin along and Luke finally yells out,"were here!" I'll be the first to admit I said a thank you Jesus prayer in my head as this hike was steep! Thing was... "here" didnt mean right where Luke stood. "Here," I  found out as soon as I rounded the corner, was at the top of this charming little incline.

I think I only yelled liar loudly 3 or 4 times. The rest of my energy was needed for panting...

...since the view was breathtaking.
This kind of mountain-ness is right up my alley. Fewer red rocks, creeks, lot of coniferous trees. And Luke! He had the whole day off! (Though Monday night is knitting group at the library so I did pardon my self to that while he went to go in to play a round of golf.)

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Thursday, May 19, 2011


I am in Colorado Springs finally and in spite of delays due to car, a professor who is certifiable, illness, and snow. It'll just take me a couple days to get rid of this cough, a couple more to get used to the altitude and I'll be up and running full force! Until then I might just be MIA.

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Monday, May 16, 2011

Owl Love You Forever

I have successfully stippled my first quilt.

And free motion quilted my first quilt!

Then I bound them and washed them! I'm pleased as punch with how they turned out!

Aunt Maggie came up with the best name for these two quilts: Owl Love You Forever
So sweet!

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Friday, May 13, 2011

Call Me a Sucker

but my mom raised me a candy snob. Our Easter baskets had See's bordeaux eggs and their traditional lolly pops were one of her choice driving treats. (She also taught us how to snap our gum real loud on the many trips to visit Grandpa in SanDiego too. My students are constantly impressed by my mad skill.) Any way. Root beer was one of her favorite flavors(nostalgia she said) and therefore ours too(no way we'd turn down sweets as a kid.) We, Mom, me and Val, were all so excited when Sees came out with root beer suckers! And so disappointed when they were gone. But I have good news...

They're baaaa-aaaack!
Now on my drive to CO this weekend I can SPLIT my time between See's suckers and gum snapping. (Yep it's a solo drive.)

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Thursday, May 12, 2011

One In Every Color-Geometry

My mom gave this toy/game to me one year for Christmas or birthday or something. I loooooved it. I don't think it was because I liked making shapes fit...(tangrams were my nightmare)

I think I made the shapes fit because they came in every color!!!! This fun toy went to a family with a farm today (dog speak for the church rummage sale on Saturday) but I'll always remember it with fondness.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Drink By Any Other Name

would taste just as delicious and might be out there...but we think we made it up. And we call it:
The Jolly Quilter
because it tastes like a Jolly Rancher...and we drink it on quilting nights when we have something to celebrate...or would like to celebrate our work....or we're really not that thrilled with our work.... or we wish to celebrate each other.
They're served in darling antique juice glasses. Each person needs a different one. To tell them apart.
The words "Hey! That's my glass!" have been known to be exclaimed from time to time.
They are one part Sparkling Apple-Cranberry and one part peach schnapps.
They must be earned by piecing, stippling, assembling binding, label making, finishing binding...QUILTING!
See I'm hard at work in the background of the photo above doing the final stippling on a VIQ (Very Important Quilt!)
These hooligans are ?binding?

They MUST be enjoyed by JOLLY QUILTERS!
Do we look jolly?
Clockwise from bottom right: Me, Sister Valerie, Cousin Tanya,Cousin Kim, Aunt Maggie.
Cheers! A toast to quilting!

Ps. Don't cha just love Val's every color included Little Miss Matched socks?
Right up my alley!