Saturday, August 28, 2010

Restaurant Review

Last night we had dinner at a restaurant called Jake & Telly's in Old Town Colorado Springs. We weren't sure what to expect. We had seen people eating on the deck, and a co-worker had mentioned in passing that the food was good, but that was all. As we entered the restaurant we realised that it was Greek cuisine. Not my usual go to style of food but meh, we'll try it. The pita starter was delicious, fresh and yummy! Hummus is sometimes a risky food for me as I do not usually like it. I stepped out of my comfort zone and asked to try a little.

It was fantastic! Garlic-y and fresh tasting, even Luke liked it! (and he swore he didn't like hummus!)
For dinner I ordered Shrimp Makaronada. Yum Yum yum! I had already dug in and finished half before I thought to take a picture!

Luke got one of the specials, Braised Pork loin.

 and well...this is how much he liked it. This had a very good, home style stew type flavor.

According to the menu introduction the restaurant is specialised in wine pairings with the food, though we chose to splurge a bit on food and forgo wine. While it is not a "cheap eat," we were both able to eat for under $40 (not including a large tip for our fantastic service and food recommendations from Crystal and the staff).  I definitely recommend it!

We finished our night with two Netflix movies! Largely satisfying.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Funny Friday- Emma

My cousin Emma! We've come a long ways from those looooooong car rides to Pismo huh?

Thursday, August 19, 2010

One in Every Color- Dresses

When I say every color I mean EVERY color.  Cindy gave me a link to this blog. And I went....and I saw dresses in 143 different colors!

The blogger poses the question, "What about you? Would you wear the same dress every day, just in a different color?"

My answer, the answer, is YES. Yes I would. Because there's one in every color.
Except for maybe brown and split pea soup green. Those aren't my colors. I sort of pretend they aren't in the color wheel.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

All Stewed Up

A few of my friends here are recently married as well and a couple of them have had some cooking dilemas.
This post is dedicated to Aly and Sara, with my hopes that this no fail recipe full of possibilities helps them out! I reccomend getting it going first thing in the morning to have everything good to go by dinnertime!
Start out with your crockpot. We got this beauty as a wedding gift! Many people have them sitting around in their garages/ pantries as well going madly underused. I put mine on high and start filling it up.

The best base to any crock pot stew or roast is potatoes! A nice solid filler especially when you have a husband who eats as much as mine does. Plus theyre a good newlywed food because theyre cheap!
So are carrots. Put lots of those in too. I put the carrots and potatoes on the bottom because they take the longest to cook!

When I peel them I peel into the sink but the scoup it out and put it into the trash. Garbage disposals are good for little bits but you dont want the horrible lesson of having to replace one of those suckers.

Then I toss in one of these no fail flavor packets. This one had kind of a kick. Another good one is a Liptons French Onion Soup packet! Its sort of like cheating, but the flovor is worth it, especially if your intimidated by seasoning your own food. I also added almost four spoons of Worchestershire sauce. That stuff is good in almost anything! Then if you're making stew I fill it about two thirds of the way with water, or until all the veggies are covered.
Then brown the stew meat (that means cook it on high so the outside gets nice and cooked looking and the inside is less cooked.) Meat that goes into stew doesnt have to be as tender as your favorite steak because the long cook time of the crock pot should tenderize your meat making it softer and fall apart as you eat it.
Luke prefers more meat in his meals. I used a pound here, but had put half of it in the crock pot before I remembered to take a picture.
Your stew should look about like this:
Leave it for 4-5 hours and it should look like this:
This is when I like to toss in some frozen veggies. (Theyre less expensive, you can buy them in bulk, and they dont go bad as quickly.)
Serve with some fabulous sour dough garlic bread and youre good to go!  Yum!
You can change this recipe up however you want! Add other vegitables, use a beef base instead of a packet. Mix it up! Let me know how it goes!

I also am seeking your advice!
Luke looooooves his Costco muffins, but you leave one muffin out here, and it's rock hard in 20 min! Which means even the smallest crack in the wrapper leads to crusty muffins. Do you have any advice or tips on the storage of these beasts? Is there a product that you find especially helpful for this? I feel wastful putting each into it's own ziplock bag. Especially since we know this is a product we'll continue to purchase for a long time to come.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Caddies and Ladies

Some threatening weather moved us inside for our final photos. Lucky for us, the hotel we moved our ceremony and reception into had a nice central staircase for some group photos.

We had some very charismatic Flower Ladies and Golf Caddy's as members of our wedding party.
Abbey, Katie
Keegan, Tyler, Ethan

Tyler took on quite the persona with his knickers, argyle socks, and hat.
Keegan and Ethan were so professional I would have them caddy for me in a second!
Abbey and Katie were quite the ladies in their dresses and took extra special care to display their multi-colored bouquets!
Ring Caddies:
Hats...................................Gap (Found special by Aunt Becky)
Shirts.........................................................................Old Navy
Pants.........JcPenny Sweatpants, Golf ball/tee embroidery by me
Socks..........................................................Little Miss Matched
Golf Bags and Clubs.............................Hand Created by Jhrme!

Flower Ladies:
Shoes......................................................................Their Choice
Flowers.......Created by Jhrme and inspired by Princess Lasertron

Monday, August 16, 2010

Wedding Wear

I've been promising wedding details and so far all I've got posted are "Funny Friday's" scheduled to be posted every Friday through December.
Soooo we'll start it off with what we wore!

The boys all wore black with a solid color accent tie.
Mark, Luke, Jay, and Stephen all wore different versions of paisley in their respective color.
Many of my girlfriends wore black dresses and a colored ribbon sash, which made taking coordinated pictures much easier!
Melanie, Me, Amanda
Kelsi and Me
Destinie (purple), Jenny (Pink) Dani (Orange) Beth (Green) Emilie (Yellow) Valerie (Aqua blue)

Dress and Petticoat: Cherry Pie Vintage (Etsy) The Darling Dress and Cotton Petticoat
Shrug: Recipe on Ravelry Here Two-Tone Ribbed Shrug by Stefanie Japel in Fitted Knits
Shoes: Rocket Dog's (I know our photographer thought I was joking.)

Jewelry: Belonged to my grandmother Shan's mother.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

tHat sMitten

Theres a baby boom. At least among our families and friends. (No we are not and do not plan to be expecting children for quite a long time.)
I have been frantically trying to catch up on special projects for these little bundles of joy.
(My appologies to those of you whose gifts are just means whatever I complete will probably fit longer, as your children will have gone through their first major growth spurt by the time they get their hand knit gift/quilt.)
These little booties went downstairs to the couple living in the apartment below us. (Ravelry Pattern Details)
They're having a little girl any day now! I tied them up with ribbons that coordinated to leave them on the door knob.

These are for Luke's baby cousin Beckham who was just born last week!
They left in the mail on Wednesday!
Ravelry details here and here.
I've finally purchased "Knit Mittens: 15 Cool Mittens to Keep You Warm" and think I will find it to be a solid addition to my library. It thouroughly explains so many things and last time I checked it out of the library I had so many things I wanted to do that when I finally returned it, the book was over 2 weeks late! Oops!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Our Guest Bedroom

...or lack there of. This last weekend Mark and Jay braved our one bedroom apartment and came to spend the weekend.
Heres where Mark and Jay slept. Apparently Mark wasn't too fond of the mattress.
Jay and I borrowed our neighbor's dog Muff and went out for a hike on a nearby trail.
In the area that was previously a quarry.
Our array of snacks for "game night." I was kind of enjoying the colorful array!
We had two bowls of popcorn. Dairy free for Jay and Drenched in Butter and sprinkled with salt for the rest of us. I'm such a bad lactose intolerant.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Bashed His Head In

Golf is supposed to be a non contact sport. So explain to me how my husbands head got bashed in.
Well okay he was giving a family lesson, leaned over to help the mom and the kid caught him with his follow through swing. I guess the kid got him pretty good because bone was exposed. The place he's working took him to the ER where he got 7 staples.
Luke's highlight of the day: two doctors and one nurse want Luke to give their kids lessons.

Here he is sticking his tongue out at me for making him sit in the light to get a good picture.
* Grandma G...I guess I can now compete with you for grossness!

Funny Friday- Stephanie

Be sure to  click on the comic to be able to read the writing. Luke said I should tell all ya'll.
This is Luke's cousin Stephanie. She did my hair for the wedding!
 She's an expert! She also play(s)(ed) golf which is why her perspective in this comic is funny!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

One In Every Color- Close Shave

Yep, the marketers have definitely heard about me.
Why else would they have just released a "color collection"? I confess, I  know these are over priced. And I'm pretty sure that large brightly colored plastic handle can't be all that great in a landfill. But the color! Look at the color! Before now, they had packs with shades of green,  a pack of blues, pinks and purples, reds and yellows. And now THIS!!! A color collection!?! It's beautiful!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Pondering Production- Theatre

There is a superstition in the theater that it is bad luck for someone to knit in the wings during a play. I couldn't find anyone who could tell me why, but I did sort out that it's still OK to knit in the audience.
-Yarn Harlot

You know you knit too much when...
... you have projects identified by where you knit them. "Movie knitting," for example is a simple project (so you can work on it in the dark) done on wooden needles (so they are quiet) that are circular (because if you drop one of your DPNs in the theater it rolls to the front of the room...and that makes it hard to get back.) Makes total sense.
-Yarn Harlot

In the 1930s knitting was fashionable and trendy and even movie stars modeled for patterns. Maureen O'Sullivan, Olivia de Havilland and Bette Davis were all in Hollywood Knitting Book which featured the patterns for sweaters that had been worn in movies. Katharine Hepburn AND Joan Crawford knit. Not only was it the golden age of film, but one of the golden ages of knitting, when hand-knits were high fashion.

I am thankfull that the trendiness of knitting is rapidly coming back! A while back, when Luke and I were watching Eclipse in the theatre I spotted a fantastic hat on the character named Bella. I leaned over and asked: "How much you wanna bet that pattern is already on Ravelry?" 1.) I love that Luke understood the humor of that. 2.) It was/is on Ravelry and my cousin Tanya owned it already!

Thanks to the Internet knitting has become more accessible. Stitches can be learned by YouTube videos, and patterns can be found EVERYWHERE! All it takes is a little search on Ravelry (facebook for knitters) to find a felted yoda hat, World of Warcraft charts, and clothing items seen on characters in Harry Potter, Twilight and more!

However I agree with the Yarn Harlot and would "be willing to place a cash bet that most knitters watch fewer foreign films than the rest of the population. It's not that we are less interested -- it's the subtitles. It's very hard to read subtitles and chars at the same time. Knitters prefer dramas. More listening, less looking.

So then we turn to Audio Books and podcasts. There's a whole Harry Potter Knitting podcast?! Another one that mixes classic books with crafting!  Its win win and I love that it's carrying on an art!