Sunday, July 27, 2008

An Outing

Luke and I had a rare day off together and we fully utilized it! First we went to the golf course and hit balls at the driving range. Then we got out the hike book and set out to drive to a trail head that would have taken us to Pearl Lake. Unfortunately the book forgot to mention that the road was intended only for cars that had more than 6 inch clearance from the ground (that means NOT Luke's little white car or my bug.) Sigh. So we stopped and turned around when we got room but we still got some great pictures. We also stopped and played in the river on the way back!

At the driving range! I'm starting to hit the ball more at least! :) (Disclaimer-that's a mosquito bite in the middle of my forehead. It's gotta be one of the worst places to get one.)

The view from where we stopped to turn around. You can see some of the fire damage from last years forest fires.

"Hey Dad, hows your aspen?" <- We were only aloud to ask this when we were backpacking and actually saw aspen trees. It still makes me laugh.

These white flowers where everywhere. Any ideas as to what they're called?

The river has mellowed significantly now that the snow is done melting. Luke was more confident in his balancing abilities than I ever will be and went rock hopping.

I suspect he was posing for this one?

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Anonymous said...

I was absolutly not posing for that picture at all! it was just the most comfortable position at the time!