Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Skip-py the Jiff

Some of you may know that I'm an adamant Skippy Super Chunk eater, even if it means toting around an extra Jar of PB. Some of you may have even heard my endless debates/arguments with my cousin Jennifer about which is better! point...I was a little shocked, and maybe mortified to find this in my parents kitchen.


Aaron said...

Just FYI, Consumer Reports just rated the best peanut butter. Here is the results:
1. Smuckers Natural
2. Smuckers Organic
Very Good:
3. Peter Pan (CR BEST BUY)
4. Smuckers Reduced Fat Natural
5. Skippy Natural
6. Jif (CR BEST BUY)
7. Skippy
8. Jif Simply Jif
9. Skippy Reduced Fat
10. Jif Reduced Fat
11. Smart Balance

So as you can see, Skippy consistently outperforms Jif, however, Jif did recieve the designation of Consumer Reports Best Buy. So I guess the debate continues.

Mani said...

JIF is way better!!!