Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Last weekend we celebrated my friend Destinie's 21st birthday! Mikey, Destinies boyfriend recruited me for help planning the event!
We were "Really Excited Destinie" was turning 21! Everyone was asked to wear Red and Black. A lot of this may look a bit similar to the Twilight Party but hey, why re-invent the wheel?
I put this swirly logo on the front of the invitation and on the envelope. Destinie uses a lot of french country sheik decor mixed with a lot of scrolling iron work and red/orange colors so this "scheme" fit her pretty well!

The whole point was to throw the party FOR Destinie so she didn't get all involved, but we had to tell her the theme so she could find an outfit, and when I arrived to help Mikey set up, there were little red and black things everywhere I KNOW she snuck in! Take for example the not so subtle re-decoration of the bathroom. I replaced all the Twilight quotes in the black frames with dramatic red and black images I found online and put them all over. Mikey's house has a two sided fireplace which meant I got TWO mantles to load with frames and red candles!I also pulled these photos of red and black sign letters off the Internet. Printed them as 5x7 images and strung them up with a red ribbon. This time around instead of having "bloody" glasses with red dripping down them I lightly rimmed the glasses with red syrup and then heavily coated that rim with red sugar crystals the night before. They dried really well which was good because it meant they didn't all come off right away!Destinie and Jess! Yay! I loved her dress! (Could be because I'm the ladybug fan in the group!)Beth and Kassy made a red velvet cake! It was really good!We managed to snag some of the guys to get a picture! They weren't so willing and definatly didn't want to take more than 1. (The girls took 3...or 4.)We loved the excuse to dress up! Yay!

Happy Birthday Destinie! XO!

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Lisa said...

Remind me to hire you for my next party...