Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I'm Walkin' on Sunshine

Last Friday I went on a team building adventure with my credential program cohort. 
W'eve had some fantastic clusters of good weather days and it has been AMAZING!
On Saturday I was driving along and I looked up I saw my beautiful mountains in the distance. I say my mountains as opposed to the Colorado mountains that I don't quite feel at home in.
 Because of the Valley smog/fog this view is one to treasure. I used to think my mom was nuts when we'd be driving along and all of a sudden she'd exclaim "Look at the mountains!" Yah.... so what...they're mountains...
 I get it now Mom. I get it now.
 We also had individual clouds! Another rare sight to see in the Central Valley of Fresno! What do you think Grandma G?


Grandma G said...

I think I am quite surprised to learn you rarely have individual clouds! I thought everybody had 'em!

Nice photos!

k said...

I second Grandma G--what's up with the lack of individual clouds?

JHRME said...

We have so much fog and smog. The shape of our valley traps a lot of things including clouds which makes for a very one color icky looking sky. When I come back from Colorado or Idaho (or wherever) the sky here always looks so blah.