Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Books- Ungifted, Chains, A Single Shard

A slave and her sister, who was supposed to have been freed after their master died and was instead sold. Takes place during the revolutionary war. It's interesting. I really like the author's use of primary sources at the beginning of each chapter. This shows that even though its historical fiction, research was still done and the story fits with what took place. I would use caution recommending to youngsters in that it takes place during the revolutionary war and many of the things discussed are those taught with the Civil War. I would want to make sure students had a basic foundation of knowledge of both before recommending the read. Also, I felt like the ending was very cliffhanger and my scheme made it worse.

This was a quick read about a boy with an unconventional family life who embarks on an adventure. For me it didn't stand out much from the other boy adventure books, but I enjoyed the listen.

Grand Finale. LOVED this book. Laughed so hard Luke and I began reading it together...and then he finished it that night after I fell asleep. I finished it, laughing the whole time and have loaned it to a co worker who is enjoying it very much. To sum it up, a kid who is always in the wrong place at the wrong time ends up in a school for "the gifted." What I enjoyed about this book, in addition to the humor, was how it addresses "gifts" and talents. Seriously, read this book.

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