Monday, October 7, 2013


I have been enjoying produce from my garden very much.

I put a new spin on bruschetta by adding cucumber. It kind of makes it more of a salad.

I've been harvesting peppers, tons of cucumber, these hot little peppers and finally TOMATOES!

And more tomatoes!!! Even the icicle and orange tomatoes pulled through! My carrots are getting large and I will harvest them all after the first frost.

Today I made a second batch of amazing tomato soup which I freeze in two cup containers for lunch!

Many thanks to Dan, one of my new colleagues who has a bit more expertise in gardening and has been helping me learn to trim and manage all the plants. He's sort of helped me survive the final garden push.

My garden experience has been very useful in teaching already as we have been taking about limiting factors and carrying capacity. Space was a limiting factor on my tomatoes as I planted many of them, close together. Climate was a limiting factor and many of them didn't survive the dramatic changes in temperature, etc. etc. etc. When we got started talking about food chains, producers, consumers and decomposers we references the garden a lot when we talked about the foods that grow, and the decomposers I find in my garden. Which led to a conversation about composting and worms, which led to me deciding our class needs a worm farm.

Not garden related but on a gardening note, my lawn mowing skills are getting so advanced that I've ventured into alternating weeks of diagonal and straight lines. Fancy shmancy!
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