Wednesday, July 2, 2014

McMinnville Day 2

Since Emilie is a new knitter, I was excited to expose her to as many yarn shops as possible. One of the shops in McMinnville is closing and we totally score some great goodies! I also taught her how to use an umbrella swift and ball winder. 
She's been such a quick study!
Then it was off to the Evergreen Aviation and Space Museums. 
I thought it appropriate to wear my Endeavor shirt. I thought it even more appropriate to take a picture with their cleverly disguised golf cart. 
I really need to sit down and watch the Planes movie. These little guys seemed right out of the set!
I guess they really only seemed little compared to the Sprice Goose. 
After a quick dinner stop we went back to Em's place for some R&R and knitting!
Emilie is developing some mad skillz! She is making fingerless mitts using the magic loop and has even tried out a practice cable! 

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