Saturday, May 16, 2015

Listening Caddy

I know a girl who uses a listening device to help her hear. The primary speaker wears a microphone and she has a device that she can adjust the volume on with ear buds delivering the sound directly to her ears. I noticed that she was losing a lot of time getting the ear buds out, untangling them and putting them in her ears. Also, her device doesn't have a clip or a way to keep it on her person if she's not wearing pockets.
I was inspired to create this so that she could have a pouch for the device, a way to prevent cord tangling, and keep her ear buds easily accessible. When she's not listening the elastic bands hold the cords in place and keep them from getting tangled. When she's ready to put the ear buds in, she can do so quickly. Additionally the whole unit can be put on and taken off quickly. 

I made two sizes of pouch. One for her smaller device and one for her larger back up.

The pouches can be changed between the strap easily with snaps. I stitched the elastic bands in place with embroidery floss to keep them from sliding down the strap.

It has occured to me that this would also be a great accessory for an iPod for kids (or adults) during travel. Or MAYBE even an iPhone 6 plus that's too big to fit in a pocket!
If you decide to make anything similar, please share tips and tricks!

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Janice Porter said...

Jessica, that's a great idea. We are beginning to use i-pods with our dementia residents. Their families help put together playlists for them. This idea might be helpful for some residents!