Thursday, March 18, 2010


I have been a very lucky kid in that my mom has made very sure to teach me all that she can durring my process of growing up rather than wait until I showed specific interest. I was 4 and doing laundry, 5 and sewing little projects, I was 6 and the whole family went backpacking, at about 7 she had me entering grandma's special snickerdoodle cookies in the fair. She showed me how to cook eggs and made us (Val and Me) take turns making dinner (plan the recipe and put what we need on the list) so that we would make a smooth transition into grown-up-dom. As a result I have had a confident, can do atitude and approach to trying new things and have come to value many domestic skills as arts. One friend who was in my high school class but I haven't gotten to know until now, has somehow made it without learning to cook. Family meals are take-out, and baked goods are easily found at Great Harvest(love that place). She has taken it upon herself to learn some cooking skills and I excitedly pounced on this willing student! First we made cupcakes and frosting entirely from scratch! (Inspired by her love for the Great Harvest cupcakes she loves so much!)
Then we made banana chocolate chip bread, inspired by the product carried by Starbucks.
Kristeen is an enthusiastic learner and it's been fun to share all the things I learned from my mom, and realise that I did in fact learn these things somewhere and not everyone gets this information!


Little Spouse on the Prairie said...

That's so great you're sharing your talents! Bon apetit! Love, Janice

Jane said...

I am like your friend- I never learned how to do anything "domesticated" growing up! In fact, Jason did most of the cooking during our first few years of marriage! I've learned a lot over the years and hopefully, will be able to prepare Grace for "grown-up-dom" like how your mom prepared you.

Grandma G said...

Sounds like your mom did a wonderful job - kudos to her!

I thought chocolate chip banana bread was something my mother-in-law made up... and spoiled my kids with (because I don't put the chips in mine ;) ).

JHRME said...

mmmm try PUMPKIN chocolate chip bread! Its even better!

Anonymous said...

You are ever the teacher, Jess! And what a treasure to have learned these "arts" from your mom! You shared these lessons you learned from your mom a few years ago at a college group gathering and I was quite frankly inspired to be so intentional with my kids! So thanks to you AND your mom!

Dani said...

You guys put Val and I to shame. Guess we need to step up our game next time. lol