Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Waiting in Line in the Fast Lane

Luke recently did a presentation on Pace of Play as part of his Professional Golf Management Program. Pace of play is an allotted amount of time it should take for a golfer to comfortably complete a round of golf.
The thing I found interesting is that when asked to rate their own pace of play, 57.8% considered themselves fast, 37.4% considered themselves average, and 4.8% considered themselves slow.

The kicker? How people rated other golfer's pace of play: Fast 2%; Average 41.8%; Slow 56.2%

Theres a good section of two lane freeway between Fresno and Bakersfield on the way to LA. Traditionally speaking the left lane should be used by those "faster" folks who are passing, who should then get into the right lane out of courtesy for those faster than them. Unfortunately, the California driver and occasional out of town driver's perception of their pace of drive is, well, skewed and I am resigned to waiting in line in the fast lane.


Tanya said...

This is so true! And I love the illustration with the golf.

Little Spouse on the Prairie said...

Funny! My fast is definitely not as fast as Ben Porter's or Randy Mack's! I can breathe when I drive with Jamie. Love, Janice