Monday, July 12, 2010

Weekly Review

Some of the highlights from this week include:

Deer in our apartment complex. The other one had already made it past the building. You can arely see it behind the stairs.
Meat loaf and mashed potatoes. (Yep sorry Uncle Steve, I stuff it full of veggies (cellery, carrots, onion, and spinach)
Bowling with the kiddies.
Toy Story 3-D
and the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. How cool is this! The giraffes stick their heads over and kids (and grown ups) get to feed and pet them! Best part of the zoo if you ask me!
The animals seemed to be in the mood for romance!
Other attractions at the zoo included
for all of you Kim Possible fans Naked Mole Rats. Gross. And they were little. All the billboards around town make you think they're giant! These guys were like your average hampster. Meh. (Thats what the kids said too.)
Overall I'd give this Zoo an 8.5 the giraffes made it a trip to remember!

Ps. I also went to Color Me Mine with a few girls from the area for Sara's birthday. Shout out to Sara (Aly took the pictures.)


Jamie said...

Ah, I want to visit! There is just too much cool stuff! Side notes...we took the kids to see Toy Story 3 as well this week (didn't spring for 3D though, it was scary enough without it), if you don't want your deer eating your flowers (if you have any in you yard) hair is a great deer-repellant so next time you or Luke get a hair-cut keep the trimmings to sprinkle in your garden, AND...your observation of giraffe romance? Probably true! Did you know that some giraffes are put on birth control in zoos because captive or not, they have NO problem procreating! Interesting huh? Thanks for all the fun pictures!

Grandma G said...

So that's what 3-D glasses do for things, huh? I'm glad I finally know!

Your meat loaf looks yummy! I should try a few of those "additives" in mine.

Love the giraffes!

The Luedtke Family said...

What size shoe do you wear? The pictured pair looks so tiny.

JHRME said...

Jamie: I dont care what the deer eat since we're on the third floor of an apartment complex. Im thinking deer arent too keen on metal stairs. I honestly could have done without the 3-D and yah apparently THIS giraffe heard really likes to procreate. Never know what you'll see at the zoo!
The bowling shoes were supposed to be tiny! To show I went with the kids at school. I wont be posting pictures of them but I thought the tiny shoes would suffice!

karen said...

Brings back such great memories. I loved the Garden of the Gods and the giraffes were awesome! It rained on us when we visited the zoo but it was worth it. I even remember the places in Idaho and Oregon. My sister lived in Ontario and we visited Boise, Moscow, etc. What a small world, huh?