Sunday, July 18, 2010

One In Every Color: Disney Style

Guest post

Once upon a time, Jessica's evil sister Valerie and her prince charming boyfriend Matt gave into their undying love for Disneyland and purchased annual passports. After learning of this exciting opportunity, Jessica wished to her fairy godmother that the two would take pictures so she could live vicariously through their adventures. But after 8 trips by the couple and no pictures, Jessica had given up all hope. Nonetheless, as Jessica learned of the two's final trip to the theme parks, she squeezed her eyes shut and wished for pictures one more time. Take a lesson kids, persistence pays off.

For two people that never carry around a camera, Valerie and Matt fulfilled Jessica's wish in Disney's "Wonderful World of Color." Not only did Jessica get pictures, but her dream world of one in every color came true.

And they all lived Happily ever after in Disney's Wonderful World of Color!


Grandma G said...

Lovely COLORS!! I've been to Disney World in FL (MANY years ago... oh, gosh, can it be going on 40?!), but never to Disneyland.

Thanks for sharing, Prince Charming! And keep that evil sister in line. ;)

by George! said...

Oh Matt. You're such a colorful guy!

Tanya said...

Nice shots! How cool that Disney was so accomodating to center their new exhibits around Jessie's love for color!

Anonymous said...

Cool Pictures! I was wondering what the new color at Disneyland was all about! Can't afford to go though! Thanks again for the pics!

Jenn L. & Family

laura said...

THIS IS SO COOL!!! wow i'm so proud of matty and val, looks like they got ahold of a better camera than the one we used in aussie land! good work!

live a colorful life said...

Matt and Val: Would you consider doing a guest post on Live a Colorful Life??

Anonymous said...

Hi Ms. Colorful Life,

What kinda guest post do you want?