Monday, November 8, 2010

Try Not To Cry

I used to love me a good chick flick. A cry fest if you will. I vividly remember going to see A Walk to Remember with my friends multiple times. This was partially because of Shane West, and partially because the scene where his character can't help but cry could guarantee a handful of tears.
However, I have, in the last two years or so, come to dislike crying in a strong way. Not because I never feel like I could use a nice unloading session. I get that feeling on a regular basis.
I avoid crying because when I cry, my nose gets stuffy. When my nose gets stuffy the sinus pressure transfers to my ears and they start to hurt bad. And then my head feels like its going to explode. Then I have to get control just to make the pressure in my head go away and it takes me 2 hours to be feeling at all like I can even speak in a non congested voice. It's physically a lot of work. There's not really a relief of emotion.

This may in fact be part of why I seem to be avoiding issues, why sometimes I disappear or seem to zone from a conversation. Must avoid a catalyst.


k said...

I understand.

Grandma G said...

Wow, that's gotta be hard to live with. :(

Cams said...

I miss you. And I'm here for you...only a phone call away. Actually, we should really skype and knit. ;)