Monday, November 1, 2010

Vesty Shrug

Some of you may remember this shrug that I made for my sister:
It was a hit with knitters are the quilting retreat! After speaking with Joanna Popiel of Colorado Springs she agreed that I could post the pattern and put it in Ravelry so that her name could be famously associated with this great pattern!

Sooooo....(drum roll please!) here it is!!!

Vesty Shrug (in the round)
5 skeins Donegal Chunky Tweed

#11 – 32” circular needle

Cast on 240 sts (place ring marker at beginning of row and at stitch 120)

*K2, P2* in round for 8”

Decrease Row: *K2tog, P2tog* for 1 row (120 stitches)

*K1, P1* for 1 row

{Put 60 sts on stitch holder or waste yarn}

Working on half of stitches – (60) *K1, P1* for 16” - (from cast on edge = 24”)

Bind Off

Bring stitches in alignment (i.e. 60 stitches from stitch holder(s) and 60 stitches from circular needle)

Using a 3 needle bind off
Bind off 60sts

Secure tightly

If you are tall or want a longer back, add ‘inches’ (i.e. 2”, 3” etc) when “Working on Half stitches” (i.e. instead of 16” increase to 18” [or more])

If you need more ‘inches’ around body, increase circular inches (i.e. instead of 8” increase to 10” [or more])

Truly, it's as simple as that! Once again many thanks to JoAnna Popiel for sharing her wonderful pattern!


Anonymous said...

I wish i had myvesty right now... Its cold in this airport.

laura said...

i wish i knew how to knit so that i could follow the pattern!

cecilia villabona said...

I'd like to try this, but where in the pattern is the part that creates the opening for the arms?. When I read the pattern it looks as if we end up making a circle. Am I missing something?

JHRME said...

Cecilia, You do end up making a circle, then you knit a strip down the back and do your three needle bind off.

mmoody said...

I was also confused by the circle. I decided to make a mini version before I tried the real deal. I ended up even more confused! I'm bummed because this sweater is super cute!