Wednesday, August 15, 2012

He Reads

Much has been happening lately and I WILL catch you up, but as I sit here in the Police Department waiting to get finger printed for the third time in the state of Colorado I am particularly thinking of how glad I am to have married a man who likes to read.
I'm brainstorming for some bulletin boards for the library and I'm trying to balance my approach for boys and girls. Luke suggested Tolkien and I said, that's a little high dontcha think. He said "No, I started reading them in 6th grade." Well melt my heart and call me smitten!
He is guy who appreciates having a hard back set of a book series displayed on the shelf, and shares my dream of dark wood shelves filled to the brim with much loved books! When we rearrange rooms and furniture he helps me make sure my mother's an grandfathers much loved books are in a spot to avoid the sun and "elements." So yes, swoon, I married a man who reads.

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The Luedtke Family said...

My school library allows kids to pencil in something to indicate if they liked the book or did not like the book. I forgot the symbol. That way, when kids are perusing books, they can look on the inside front cover to see what others thought. A pretty neat idea!