Friday, August 24, 2012

So Not Board

I've been working on the bulletin boards for the library and I'm pretty pleased with the results so far.

Books are so much my friends it's fun to let the art become part of life. I used a doc cam to project the image onto the wall and used pencil to create a black line drawing. Then re drew it in sharpie, cut it out and laminated it.
The quotes are white chalk on black construction paper cut down so full size white paper would be a mat.
The book covers were pulled from google images and put into word. I adjusted them to be the same size, converted them to grayscale and printed them on the black and white printer. I matted them in white so they would really stand out on the black paper. I hope to change them out regularly and encourage students to try new authors.

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Grandma G said...

Way to go! Great job! They are eye-catchers, and I would think the kids would love them!

Stephen Greene said...

The kids will be drawn to books by your creativity. The significance of literature is a message they will understand from how hard you worked to bring them in. Excellent!

Anonymous said...

you are adorbs. a book lover never goes to bed alone ;) valpal

ps i hate your dumb "are you a robot" thing

by George! said...

It looks like all those times you practiced on the walls and bulletin boards in your mother's classroom have paid off nicely.