Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Fear in Frogging Fended off by Friend

Sometimes. Sometimes the fabulous sweater a knitter anticipates doesn't quite pan out. 
Sometimes we live in denial for a while. We wear the garment a few times and then it lingers. 
It lingers in our closet, it lingers in our minds. Then, when the knitter is ready. Good and ready. She decides to frog the item. 
frog [verb] to un-knit  termed for the sound it makes rip-it rip-it.
Above are two such sweaters. Ironically, both "first sweaters." The left is a sweater knit by my friend Jennifer and the right my first to be worn by me sweater. Jennifer didn't love the fit. I turned out to be allergic to the yarn in mine and it was made on smaller needles out of bulky yarn and HOT. Sooooo in October we had an impromptu frogging party. It was scary at first but then we got to it with a vengeance.

Even Luke helped out. Sometimes, I think he thinks I move too slow. He likes to do things quickly. He certainly sped up the process. 

The beautiful thing is, knitting is never permanent. If it is not quite what you wanted or intended. You can frog it and try again. You can modify the pattern or do something completely different! 
Jennifer, sadly was only in town for a while. I am lucky to have gotten to know her quite well and knit with her often before she returned to her family after her sabbatical study here. When we parted ways she gifted me some wonderful scrumptious yarn that became a gender neutral hat. 
Luke can wear it and I can look at it.
OR I can wear it and enjoy the warmth!
So really, I'm twice spoiled. Thank you Jennifer! For the yarn AND for being brave with me! Its much easier when you have a partner in crime!

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