Monday, March 2, 2015

Sheep To Sweater-Complete

This project began back in June of 2013 when my Great Uncle Doc procured the most fantastic of sheep fleece for me from Texas.
This, mixed with my friend Mary enabling me to spin meant I was going to embark on the projects of all projects. I was going to begin the journey from Sheep to Sweater.
I began spinning the fleece in June 2014. I spun for two weeks SOLID and got enough yarn to begin the "Anne's Sweater." A book that was a gift from Mary S. as she knows my love for Anne with an E.
I started, and re-started the "Anne's Sweater" pattern in August. 
 I knit on it with my dear friends in Garden City, and as we moved to Moscow.
This feels big. 
 Its my knitting thesis.
 It marks my ability to complete the whole process of knitting.
Did I mention it has pockets? As I was committing to the iPhone 6 Plus (a super sized smart phone) I made sure that it would fit in this sweater first. Priorities eh? Rachel taught me about tacking some grosgrain ribbon into the band to keep it from stretching too much and getting too long and frumpy.  
It also marks my ability to blend patterns as I stuck this fabulous cable from a hot water bottle cover into the back of the sweater.

This sweater is warm. and fabulous and its story is a great one of love, family and friends.
It makes me so happy!

Fabulous Photos Courtesy of the ever so obliging husband Luke!
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Mary S. said...

So VERY proud of you Jessica!!!

Janice Porter said...

Jessica, That is an awesome sweater! Your quilt at the MCC Sale was so adorable!!