Wednesday, July 8, 2015

4th of July- An Extended Weekend

For the first time in "like ever" Luke has been able to leave town for the 4th of July! We went down to see his parents in Boise. Sure he visited interns while he was down there but that also means he golfed. Dude has been golfing SO much more. While in the southern Idaho area, We visited Luke's cousin Stephanie. She's a hair wizard! 
She showed me how to cut Luke's hair! The dexterity requires is insane! She taught me some tricks and we'll see how it goes with Luke next week!
Mike and the boys came to hang out too! Literally!
On our way back we stopped at aunt Kerry's. All focus was lost when I caught sight of KITTENS!!!!! Luke and I are both TOTES allergic, but KITTENS!!!!!
The kittens were sooooo not thrilled with me but I just couldn't resist! Thanks Kerry and Connor for catching them! And Connor for the tasty home grown raspberries!
I also inherited a Christmas cactus that descends from Luke's Great Grandma on the Nickodemus side! My mom had one, I need to get cuttings from from my great grandma and I'm honored to be part of such a neat tradition! Thank you Aunt Becky!
We found two products I can get behind at Whole Foods. This yellow pmwgranite tea was great! Also these Coco-roons are great! This flavor tasted just like brownie bites!
We also played around with festive fruit infused party beverages! Yum!
Luke's wish for this trip was fireworks.  And not the kind that chillax in the street. Neola and I enjoyed sitting back and enjoying the skyline FULL of fireworks being shot into the air all over Boise from their back patio. We only saw one fire. I've learned that Idahoans love fireworks. 
Can you see the skyline fireworks?
Wilson Luke. 
Some of Luke's work. 
Neola is becoming quite the knitter! She is now knitting in the round, purling, and reading stitches! Loved our relax and knit time!
It was a great trip! (And under photographed, sorry.)

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