Wednesday, May 25, 2016

I Forgot. Again.

My life updates have existed in status updates, its different these days! However, what I have to say tonight could not, according to social media etiquette, fit into a status update or Instagram caption.
I am a poor remember-er of dates. Days. Important ones. I'm sorry. Sorry to all. 
Luckily, when Luke greeted me on Saturday morning, it was with good humor that he asked me if  I "knew what today was." I said "no" and he jovially reminded me that it was our anniversary. It's not the first time I've forgotten. Six years I think. If I'm wrong just pretend I'm not. Okay? I felt sorta bad, threw a pillow at him for not warning me, and then got up and got ready for church. 

This man had made breakfast for himself and kiddo (I opted out), taken the tiny dog out for his morning routine, sat with said dog and given him loves, and shown me love by letting me sleep in, and giving me a nice forehead kiss when I came downstairs, along with smirks because I forgot. 
Guys, my heart full! He is my partner and my team mate. We compliment each other so well! I love how all of our ups and downs, and our practice and active learning about how to be better partners to each other pays off! I am grateful to God for the journey he took me on, and for leading me to Luke so that we can now journey together.

Recent events continually remind me that our lives are so intertwined. We are are part of greater communities to support each other and to count on others for support. We hurt when we are missing significant players in our lives and we celebrate when we feel surrounded by them. I may forget important days, but now, more than ever I am grateful for all of you! The people who join me...who join us, on our journey. 

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations! You celebrate your marriage every day, not just on "that" special day! Love you you both from Kansas.
-Mary S.