Wednesday, January 16, 2008

RA Field Trip

Just last weekend I took a field trip with some of the other "Eastside" RAs to Andy's home and Farm/Ranch. (I cant remember specifically what he called it.) Anyway it was a grand adventure. There arent too many photos of the views and animals because I was too busy looking at them myself. They had lots of animals, they had 2 dogs, six indoor cats, a guinea pig, chickens, a rooster, ducks, geese, a turkey, sheep and a ton of barn cats! Sheep are big did you know that!?! Much bigger than I thought they would be, seeing as Mary had a little lamb and all. They also had a bazillion cats in the barn. There had to be at least 50. There were big ones, and super fast cute little ones, and even kittens! And there were hay bales. Real hay bales (not just the ones set up at dances) with the escalator like machine that moves the bales up there. AND there were allergies which reminded me why Ive never really hung out at farms. But it was cool! Here are some pictures of some of the people I'll be working with this semester.

Jake/Jacob the other RA in my building, _________, Derek, and Heidi

Aaron and a gi-nor-mous cat who is allergic to his teeth?

Torrey and Me

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