Wednesday, January 16, 2008

SPRING Semester?

Well...the Spring semester has officially started all though I struggle to call it the Spring semester because it keeps snowing! Its kind of a shock when i head out into the icy wonderland for my first class every morning at 8:30! Yikes! I also didnt think about the concept of climbing freshly plowed ice paths across campus to the top of the hill/mountain just to get to my class. Ooops. :) Well exchanges are supposed to provide me with experiences right?

The Rec Center under a fresh new coat of snow. The building in the right side of the picture is my old hall, Upham.

The hill/ mountain I climb up to get to my crazy "mourning" class. (Its not really a class that teaches you how to mourn but Im getting good at mourning over the idea of hiking to class for time on a regular basis) If you veer to the left the hill/mountain goes up higher and my class is there.

These are the "heated" sidewalks I was telling some of you about when I was home. Some kind of steam or something runs between the buildings to power furnaces I think, and serves a double purpose keeping the snow from turning into ice on the sidewalk.

These pictures show you the view from my window which is pretty much the best part of my room. 3 giant panels of view.

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