Monday, January 21, 2008

Ski Weekend!

This last three day weekend Luke and I went with a big group of people north of Spokane WA to stay at our friend Chris's (Pictured below) Family's Cabin.

Then on Sunday a bunch of us went up to night ski at a place called Schweitzer. I really wasn't planning to actually go skiing but when I talked to my dad before the trip he reminded me that I did sort of know how to ski and encouraged me to go. I still wasnt planning on skiing but when we got to the cabin my friends said it would be fun and that I should go with them Then Luke threw in the straw that broke the camels back and said that he would hang out with me and help me out if I needed it soooooo I went skiing too. Yes it was cold. Yes my muscles are sore. Yes I freaked out the first and only time I got off the bunny slope. But I had soooo much fun! Below are some misc. pictures from the trip.
Luke and Cody before they went skiing on Satuday when most of the group stayed to make a cake, save money, and play in the snow etc.
Kelsi, Corey, Megan and I took a field trip to the store. On the way back we took the scenic route and I requested we stop for a quick photo op.
Turkeys in the yard near our photo op.
Me, Megan, Kelsi

Theres a deer near the middle of the picture. Can you find it?

This pretty horse was just hangin' out near the road. We saw so many animals in one 20 min trip! It was cool!

Since I got so much practice making grilled cheese sandwiches at camp this summer for just about every group, I figured I could make em at the cabin for the group that stayed behind!

Poor Kelsi got worn out from trying to engage me in a snowball fight. She didnt realize that when it comes to snow and fighting, I'm Switzerland.

Corey and Lindsay were carving tunnels into Coreys Fort. They met in the middle and then Corey started hollowing it out! It was cool! I kept trying to get one of the guys to write "Corey's Fort" on in with yellow snow but they refused. Some dog must have known what I wanted though because the next morning there was yellow snow on the side with paw prints leading away.

The whole group, (minus me since I was taking the picture).

Soooo apparently Luke likes to shovel snow...

I got to help, and he even let me use the rectangular shovel to square off the sides. What can I say, I pay attention to detail.

The bunny hill lift looking up at some of Schweitzers other runs. Dusk was pretty.

It was so cold Luke's face mask froze up! This is us on the chair lift hence the blue pole.

Us and our chilli fries! Yum! They were huge!

We got a picture of the whole group after skiing. Its a little dark cuz I set the camera on the back of Chris's truck and it was a little far away but its still cool we got everyone in!
On the way back to the cabin we stopped at the store to grab some last minute things. When we came out Cody couldnt start it. So the guys compression started his car.
On the way home, I had to take one last picture so here are Corey and Luke...on the way back to U of I!


Jamie said...

LOVE IT! I just got your email as to where your blog was and immediately went to it and read it from start to finish! Thanks for making it so easy to keep "updated" on one of favorite college gals! Love, Jamie.

Lisa said...

Hi Jess! Welcome to very cool of you to start your Blog. Didn't know you were in Idaho, awesome! This will be a great way to keep up with my former 'prayer partner'. Hope all is well!