Monday, March 31, 2008

Feeling Better Thanks to Many Laughs

I had my fizzy jello and was on the road to recovery and right before the Vandal Friday (two days dedicated to recruiting prospective freshmen to University of Idaho) events there was a spontaneous gathering of fun people in Upham (my residence hall before I became a Resident Assistant.) I casually mentioned to Jenny that Baby Wiens (now in the world and named Levi Nathanael Wiens) had not made his debut yet and I was anxious to see pictures and at least meet him via blog! Jenny decided that there would be certain conveniences to pregnancy. One of which is pictured below:
Then these girls somehow came to the understanding that they all LOVE highschool musical and burst into High School Musical I AND II song and dance. No joke...they actually know the HSM dances.
Laughter really is the best medicine (next to fizzy jello.)
After this crazy night I felt TONS better!


Jamie said...

Come on, Jess, you don't know the dances? Get your head in the game!!!

JHRME said...

Does this mean that you do? haha Im learning them slowly though through repetitive viewing of my peers performances!