Monday, March 31, 2008

A Happy Visit!

My parents made it up to Idaho for a quick visit during my mom's spring break. It was sooo good to see them even if it was a quick trip! It was fun to be a tourist in Moscow! We explored the campus, checked out some of the shops, and even went to an art museum I didn't know existed! My mom and I went to the quilting shop, the yarn shop, and the scrapbook store! She was the perfect person to do that with. AND can you believe it... they were sold out of potato Idaho! (Since we were looking for souvenirs for quilters.) On Tuesday night they took us (Luke, Jenny and me) out to dinner, and we celebrated Luke's birthday. Wednesday night we had pizza in the residence halls so they could meet some of the people I hang out with at school and on Thursday night we went to see a perforance called Dancers, Drumers, Dreamers. An interesting show put on by performing arts students at the University of Idaho focused primarily on rythem and dance. Who knew there was so much to do in Moscow, Idaho?! I guess thats what happens when you "get out." Below are pictures from the week. Hopefully I'll get some more from my moms camera.

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