Friday, April 11, 2008

Anne on Podcast!

For those of you interested in audio books, and or Anne of Green Gables, I found it as a free podcast. There is a new reader for each chapter. I havent found them to be quite as good as the reader for the Audible Audio version I purchased before I found the podcast (which I am willing to let anyone borrow when I get home) but if you like Anne and multi tasking its a good way to go! If you have questions or dificulties obtaining these free audio book podcasts, just call!


The Isaacs said...

I LOVE that book, but have never considered "hearing" it. Hmm... Interesting. Anyway, your mention of the book makes me want to go dig up my copy and read it again!

Lisa said...

Yay! Good to know...we love Anne also! We have the videos and I was just wondering if it were to early to get Lizzie started reading them!