Friday, April 18, 2008

A Little Catastrophe

Yes that is my car. Yes i got her in trouble. I am not posting this to embarrass myself, but merely to entertain you.

I had just stopped in at a flower shop to see if they had appropriate flowers for a group of us to give our boss for her birthday. They didnt and I was going to go to the other flower shop to get what we wanted. I got in my car and was going to back out but realised that if I just pulled through it would take me right to a parking lot exit. All the other cars had pulled forward just enough so that the noses of their cars covered all the other "curbs." I had no clue that there was one in front of my car. So...I let out the clutch, gave my car some gas, and pulled right over that curb. The noise it made was something awfull.

Just as I was getting out of my car to see what happened, a nice man pulled in next to me. I asked him if he thought I could try backing up and getting back over the curb. Now from the moment he saw my blonde hair and the daisy rims he looked at me like I was nuts but then when he went to look at the front of the car and saw that I had CA liscense plates he just shook his head and kind of laughed. (For those of you who dont know, CA drivers dont ever get a break in WA, OR, and ID.)He said he didnt see what the harm would be in just trying to back up, and then went about his business in the shopping center. I got in and attempted to back up as the man was coming back outHe said to me "By the sound of it, Im guessing it didnt work. " He was right.

I started to call AAA and realizing I had a meeting in 12 minutes decided I didnt have time to wait for the tow truck and started walking back to school. I then asked Luke and his friends if they thought they could just give it a lift back over the curb. They figured they could, but when they got there they realized two things. 1.) They didnt want to pull off the front bumber that moved when they pushed it. and 2.) They didnt want to risk messing up the oil pan(whatever that is.) So they said I better call AAA.

Sooo I called AAA and was informed that it would be about 11PM before the towing company could get there to rescue me. I hung out in my room and then when I got the call that the company was on their way, Luke took me over. Much to my suprise it was the same nice lady and her friend who came to jumpstart my car when it wouldnt start a couple months ago. She remembered me and then rescued my car. She also made me feel better by informing me that she had rescued a guys car from the spot next to mine about two weeks ago. Whew. Im not the only one.

Here is the nice lady jacking up my car. Then she put blocks of wood under my front tires and behind the curb where my tires would go. She had me get in and back my car up and viola! We were free.

PS. I have never had to call AAA until this year. And Ive called them twice.

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Lisa said...

Oh Jessie! So sorry, but thanks for the entertaining story!