Friday, April 18, 2008

Field Trip!

Last Tuesday our environmental science class went on a field trip to Wawawai Park and Lower Granite Dam, both in WA. First we went to the park, did some "experiments" and then hiked he informational trail. (Informational meaning there were lots of boards with random facts about the area before and after the dams were installed along the river.
Our lab group on the trail. Pardon my distressed expression. It was bright. :)

This is Myca, I met her on the trip. Not only is she a kindred spirit (an Anne fan) but she kept me from being Kelsi and Cody's third wheel.

Kelsi and Cody.
One of the information boards declared that these were sunflowers.
Whether or not thats what they are, theyre cheery!

The snake river!

Last we went to Lower Granite Dam where we learned a bit about hydropower

and the Salmon Passage.

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