Monday, September 8, 2008

Bunnies, Blackberries, and Bikes

Sorry this entry has taken so long to put up, life just got busy for a bit!

On my way home from McCall, ID Luke and I made a halfway trip to his home in Phoenix, OR. We travelled by way of Christmas Valley, which made for an interesting drive. The moon was big, maybe full and there was a lightning storm off in the distance. The bunnies were crazy. There were out and busy and crossing the road everywhere. The first two or three I saw were really cute. Then one Superman jumped right in front of my car and pulled down what was left of my dust guard. The bunnies weren't so cute after that.

Anyway, I was especially excited because this trip would include my first blackberry picking outing!

This is where we went to pick the berries. The bushes were bordering one of Luke's sort of relatives' pear orchard.

If you've never picked blackberries before, you should know the bushes have thorns and the berries leave stains!

In the thick of it all!

Bringing home the berries!

Luke and his brother Mark both got bikes! They'll both be at the U of I this year!

While I was there I got exposed to the Wii Fit! Luke and his Dad, John, are very competitive in tyring to keep the highest scores.

I got hooked on Hula Hooping!

It was a fun trip and I'm still eating the rewards! Thanks also for the blueberries Neola! I made blueberry muffins the other day!


Tracy said...

What IS that hanging over the TV? Looks like the Abominable Snowman in the Matterhorn.

JHRME said...

Thats Gus. He's a goat. haha I forgot he was there.